April 25: first meeting with salesperson; rough estimate of structural upgrades determined

April 29: lot chosen; contract signed

June 30: financing secured; approved for selections

July 22: selections appointment

August 5: lot transfer

September 14: lot staked

October 21: driveway cut

October 24: driveway stones laid

October 30: basement digging begins

November 2: basement digging completed

November 4: basement footings installed

November 5: basement walls poured

November 15: fill dirt delivered

November 19: lot gets backfilled

December 12: underground water, gas, electrical lines connected; basement floor poured

December 22: lumber delivered

December 23: first contractor meeting

December 26: framing begins – basement exterior and interior walls and subfloor completed

December 27: framing continues – first floor exterior walls completed

December 30: framing continues – second floor exterior walls completed

December 31: framing continues – interior walls on the first and second floor begin


January 2: framing continues – roof is installed

January 4: framing is nearing completion – roof and all interior walls are done

January 5: gable above garage and front window overhang are installed

January 9: original mechanical start date missed due to inclement weather

January 10: roof shingles delivered and install begins; 65% of windows installed; fireplace insert installed; front porch overhang installed; bathroom tub/shower inserts delivered

January 13: Mechanical start; roof shingle install continues; furnace installed; tub/shower inserts installed; all windows have been installed

January 20: Mechanical finished; roof is complete

January 24: Insulation complete

January 29: Drywall installation begins

February 4: Siding installation begins

February 6: Drywall complete

February 15: Flooring install begins; cabinets delivered

March 1: Cabinets installed; trim installation begins

March 8: Siding install complete

March 16: Countertops installed

March 13: Interior painting complete; sewer and water connected

March 20: Interior trim complete

March 27: Kitchen backsplash installed; flooring installation complete

March 28: Fixtures installed; exterior trim painted

April 30: Driveway concrete poured

May 5: Final building inspection

May 12: New Homeowner Orientation

May 22: Closing


4 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. Maria, I’ve turned into such a stalker of your blog. haha. You sent me your selections price guide a few months ago. Thank you again for that. Our basement was dug on Friday and today the basement walls are done (I drive by almost every day). I had to come back to check your timeline again for comparison. I appreciate your documenting your process for all of us to read. I especially love your post about the billboard. It had me laughing so hard. We sold our current house in a day and will be moving into my parents basement mid-June. I was secretly hoping it would take awhile but happy I don’t have to keep it “show ready” anymore and we can bank some money for yard and other expenses after we move. I just wanted to leave a quick note to show my appreciation for your well written, entertaining building journal.

  2. Hi, do you by any chance still have the price guide/booklet? We’ve met with an Allen Edwin representative and have looked a few model homes and are very interested in having a home built but we would like to know more about some of the pricing. We can’t decide whether to get a cheaper floor plan and spend money on upgrades, or get a better floor plan and upgrade things in the future.

  3. Love your blog. We will be meeting on April 20th for our first showroom meeting and I have my “builders bible notebook” all organized to take with me. We too would like specific upgrades but are so worried about $$$ adding up quickly without any info. available to us as to costs. I’ve read from some of your viewers that you sent them a copy of your selections price guide and boy would this help to make some decisions before our first showroom visit. Would it be possible to get this from you? Your home is lovely and I sure appreciate all of the info you have shared! Thanks.

  4. I received her price guide and while helpful it was a completely different house than what we did. It was really overwhelming. My suggestion is add whatever you were thinking about adding at your first selections appointment. Then go home and decide what you want to pull off. Remember extra outlets in the garage and a light over your sink. You may want to consider extra hose spickets and outlets outside. Toilet upgrade was really affordable but faucets were ridiculous. I wish we would have had our driveway widened a bit. They are in 6 inches from each side of the garage door. Now we are having a concrete company come and pour a couple feet on either side but that curve in is just silly.

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