April 25: first meeting with salesperson; rough estimate of structural upgrades determined

April 29: lot chosen; contract signed

June 30: financing secured; approved for selections

July 22: selections appointment

August 5: lot transfer

September 14: lot staked

October 21: driveway cut

October 24: driveway stones laid

October 30: basement digging begins

November 2: basement digging completed

November 4: basement footings installed

November 5: basement walls poured

November 15: fill dirt delivered

November 19: lot gets backfilled

December 12: underground water, gas, electrical lines connected; basement floor poured

December 22: lumber delivered

December 23: first contractor meeting

December 26: framing begins – basement exterior and interior walls and subfloor completed

December 27: framing continues – first floor exterior walls completed

December 30: framing continues – second floor exterior walls completed

December 31: framing continues – interior walls on the first and second floor begin


January 2: framing continues – roof is installed

January 4: framing is nearing completion – roof and all interior walls are done

January 5: gable above garage and front window overhang are installed

January 9: original mechanical start date missed due to inclement weather

January 10: roof shingles delivered and install begins; 65% of windows installed; fireplace insert installed; front porch overhang installed; bathroom tub/shower inserts delivered

January 13: Mechanical start; roof shingle install continues; furnace installed; tub/shower inserts installed; all windows have been installed

January 20: Mechanical finished; roof is complete

January 24: Insulation complete

January 29: Drywall installation begins

February 4: Siding installation begins

February 6: Drywall complete

February 15: Flooring install begins; cabinets delivered

March 1: Cabinets installed; trim installation begins

March 8: Siding install complete

March 16: Countertops installed

March 13: Interior painting complete; sewer and water connected

March 20: Interior trim complete

March 27: Kitchen backsplash installed; flooring installation complete

March 28: Fixtures installed; exterior trim painted

April 30: Driveway concrete poured

May 5: Final building inspection

May 12: New Homeowner Orientation

May 22: Closing

2 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. Maria, I’ve turned into such a stalker of your blog. haha. You sent me your selections price guide a few months ago. Thank you again for that. Our basement was dug on Friday and today the basement walls are done (I drive by almost every day). I had to come back to check your timeline again for comparison. I appreciate your documenting your process for all of us to read. I especially love your post about the billboard. It had me laughing so hard. We sold our current house in a day and will be moving into my parents basement mid-June. I was secretly hoping it would take awhile but happy I don’t have to keep it “show ready” anymore and we can bank some money for yard and other expenses after we move. I just wanted to leave a quick note to show my appreciation for your well written, entertaining building journal.

  2. Hi, do you by any chance still have the price guide/booklet? We’ve met with an Allen Edwin representative and have looked a few model homes and are very interested in having a home built but we would like to know more about some of the pricing. We can’t decide whether to get a cheaper floor plan and spend money on upgrades, or get a better floor plan and upgrade things in the future.

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