Adventures in Landscaping

If you haven’t noticed from some of our more recent photos, one thing that our house didn’t come with is a lawn! So this past weekend we set about remedying that situation. We originally were going to go all-out and purchase sod (same-day lawn!), but after talking to a couple professionals, we realized that, in addition to being a huge savings, our lawn will be higher quality in the long term if we went with seed.

Troy also got a new toy (a weed whipper) and he worked on taming some of the brush at the treeline while the two landscapers worked on prepping the yard for seed. It took all day, but by the end we had grass seed! Hi, future grass babies!

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I grew up in a heavily wooded area, but since moving away for college have lived in more urban areas. Moving into our new house, which backs up to some pretty thick woods, has had both Troy and I enchanted with all of the critters that we’ve been encountering on a near-daily basis.

Troy has lots of help while he does yard work:  We’ve saved at least half a dozen turtles crossing the street next to our house.
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