Photo Dump Friday

Happy Friday, loves! Time for another edition of PDF!

It’s fall, it’s fall! Troy did a great job of decorating our front porch. I’m looking forward to having some trick or treaters in the new ‘hood. If the weather holds out, I hope we can invite some friends over for a bonfire as well! Continue reading


Photo Dump Friday

In lieu of a real post this week (the struggle is real, guys), I have another Photo Dump Friday post! Here’s a look into our lives from the past week. Spotted these beauties on a walk the other day. I can’t seem to figure out what they are! They look like Lady Slippers, but they were tiny — like, the size of a penny — and were growing on a bush. Anyone have any ideas? Continue reading

Photo Dump Friday

Happy Friday! I’m bummed that I don’t have anything new to post, so I thought I’d just do a photo dump of some of the pictures on my phone. Maybe it will become a regular thing — maybe not! Anyway, here is a quick glimpse into my life this past week.


My colleagues were in Asia for a couple events, and one received this beautiful tea set as a gift. I’m impressed that it made it all the way back to the US without any damage, even though they appear to have killed a muppet in order to make the lining of the gift box. Continue reading

Why I Will (Probably) Never be a Food Blogger, and a Brownie Recipe

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. On the one hand, lots of really great ideas to inspire my cooking, decorating, and shopping habits. Also an easy way to keep all of these great ideas organized and easily accessible.

On the other hand, the expectations that Pinterest sets are normally nearly unattainable. My good friend Stephanie sent me this Buzzfeed article the other day, which perfectly describes the sky-high standards that Pinterest is setting for anyone who wants to cook, clean, look, etc…better.

I especially related to the author’s point about lighting:

“23. I learned that a lot of Pinterest is just good lighting.”

Food photography (and photography in general, I suppose) is so dependant on lighting and photo quality…two details at which I am consistently failing when it comes to taking photos of my food.

I love to cook. But you’d barely realize it reading this blog (house building obsession aside) because I can very rarely get a good photo of the things I cook. The reasons are two-fold: one, because I can’t for the life of me find even one of the two batteries I have for my DSLR, which means I take a lot of iPhone photos; and two, because we are currently living in a tiny apartment with only two windows, which means lighting is ideal basically never.

Continue reading

February Photo-A-Day: 26-29

February 26: night

Foggy street sign

February 27: something you ate

Turkey meatloaf with bacon, mashed potatoes, homemade bread, and salad for dinner tonight

February 28: money

The ONLY money in my purse when I cleaned it out today

February 29: something you’re listening to

Can you guess the song? (Hint: that word is part of the artists' name)




February Photo-A-Day: 19-25

February 19: something you hate to do


February 20: handwriting

My chicken scratch -- it's all I can do when Boss is barking orders at me.

February 21: a favorite photo of you

I did not take this (obviously) but I love the faux-candid shot.

February 22: where you work

Count the stories up to 8... That's where you'll find me.

February 23: your shoes

Riding the elevator at the end of the day. Rubber boots due to snow this morning.

February 24: inside your bathroom cabinet

What a MESS!

February 25: green

I'm a bit adverse to green (because I am a MICHIGAN fan), but I do adore these Coach sunglasses. I have had them longer than any other pair of glasses I have ever owned.




February Photo-A-Day: 12-18

February 12: inside your closet

Yeah, there's no way I'm displaying my real closet in its current state. So here is my dream closet. Fair?

February 13: blue

My new work laptop is azul

February 14: heart

Heart cupcakes I made for work

February 15: phone

I despise you

February 16: something new

New Banana skirt at the office

February 17: time

Lunchroom clock that is strangely chic for the building...

February 18: drink

Ginger ale is my DD drink of choice