Photo Dump Friday

Happy Friday, loves! Time for another edition of PDF!

It’s fall, it’s fall! Troy did a great job of decorating our front porch. I’m looking forward to having some trick or treaters in the new ‘hood. If the weather holds out, I hope we can invite some friends over for a bonfire as well! Continue reading


Photo Dump Friday

Happy Friday! I’m bummed that I don’t have anything new to post, so I thought I’d just do a photo dump of some of the pictures on my phone. Maybe it will become a regular thing — maybe not! Anyway, here is a quick glimpse into my life this past week.


My colleagues were in Asia for a couple events, and one received this beautiful tea set as a gift. I’m impressed that it made it all the way back to the US without any damage, even though they appear to have killed a muppet in order to make the lining of the gift box. Continue reading