Building Raised Garden Beds

Over the past couple of weekends, Troy and I have been busy tackling some outdoor projects and getting the yard ready for the upcoming summer. One of the biggest projects of the spring has been building raised garden beds. Now that the lawn is doing well on its own, we wanted to move on to growing edible things.

When we were designing the landscape plan just before moving into the house, we intentionally left the area behind the garage untouched. The ground is sloped and mostly unusable for anything besides gardening.

We decided to build some raised beds into the hill. This will help keep things organized and hopefully deter animals from eating our veggies (although I have a few ideas of additional tactics I’ll try to keep the bunnies and squirrels away). Continue reading


Adventures in Landscaping, Part 2

The snow has melted, the temperatures are rising, and it’s finally time to get back out in the garden and do some work!

If you were around last year, we planted some grass and some flowers, and moved an awful lot of rocks. Oh, and killed some spiders, too. Yuck.

So far this year, the grass has come back with a spectacular green flourish! Our lawn is still the best looking on the block, and that’s not an exaggeration — our neighbors that got sod last year are dealing with an incredibly sad, brown lawn this spring.

I may have been skeptical at first, but now I am a true believer in hand-sown grass seed — slow and steady always wins! There are a few spots that need reseeding, but for a lawn that is not even a year old, it looks damn good, if I do say so myself.

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