Our DIY Bed Frame and an Unsponsored Review of the Casper Mattress

I promised another project, and I’m already delivering! Good job, me.

We didn’t purchase a lot of furniture for the new house — besides the couch and the desk, we had a lot of what we needed to fill up the majority of rooms in the house. One thing we both agreed was a must-purchase was a new king-sized bed: the master bedroom was more than large enough to accommodate one and we’ve been dreaming of a larger mattress every time we stayed in a hotel.

There was a lot of debate over which mattress we were going to get. We loved our queen mattress, which was a Laura Ashley, but they’ve discontinued the exact model, so we started searching for something else. I initially was set on getting a Hilton to Home mattress after sleeping on one during an extra-long layover in New York last year. But even with the frequent sales they were running, we couldn’t justify the cost of the Hilton bed when we were also considering something much cheaper: the Casper bed.

Casper is one of those direct-to-consumer mattress companies. You order online, it arrives at your door about 3 days later, and you have 100 days to try it out. If you don’t like it, you can return it, at no cost to you, for a full refund.

I have to admit, I was super skeptical at first, but the risk-free trial period sold me on the Casper — not to mention it was half the price of the Hilton bed.

We’ve been sleeping on our Casper mattress for about two months now, and I am a true believer in the wonders of this mattress — Casper didn’t pay me to say that, either (although those are referral links up there). I just love this bed!

I had plans to purchase a cheap bed frame for our new mattress until we decided what we wanted for the room, but Troy didn’t want to spend the money on something that wasn’t going to be permanent. So we slept on a mattress on the floor for a couple of weeks until Troy decided he was going to build us a bed frame.

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Mitten Love: Our Great Lakes Desk Project

Happy Friday!

While we wait for the second appraisal to come back (the process of which has already been riddled with errors and miscommunication, if you can believe it), I wanted to share a project that Troy finished last weekend, and the second piece of furniture we purchased for the new house.

I teased in a couple of posts about the desk top that we ordered. Well, it was finished a couple of weeks ago and we are absolutely in love with it.


We purchased the piece from DV8 Designs, a woodworking shop in metro Detroit. They worked with us to choose a size for the desk (originally designed as a coffee table, so we made it a little bit bigger) and let us pick a stain that would match our decor. Ryan at DV8 was fantastic to work with, responded to all of our emails and inquiries in a timely fashion, and produced a unique, beautiful desktop that is sure to be a conversation piece with many guests. If you are in the market for a piece of Michigan-inspired woodwork, we can’t recommend Ryan and DV8 Designs highly enough!

While the desktop was being made, we began researching options for the legs. We purchased the desktop without legs to save a little bit of money and because we wanted the opportunity to get a little creative. I mentioned in this post about our desire to use pipes for the legs, an idea that stuck and eventually led us to the finished product.IMG_5831

Troy used the tutorial by DIY Ready to purchase and assemble the desk legs. All of the materials were purchased at Home Depot for around $100. We decided to go with the Depot because their prices for cutting and threading the pipe was much less than other stores we researched. Continue reading

New Home Inspiration: Foyer and Office

Next up on our home inspiration tour, I’d like to show you some of the plans for the front of the house, specifically the entryway/foyer and the office.

Last week, I hinted at the fact that we’d purchased a desktop for the office. While I’m still not ready to share the actual desktop, I can tell you that it is only a desktop — meaning we (Troy) will be installing the legs of the desk, and we (me) will need to find a comfy chair to go with the finished product.

Right now, we’re pretty set on going a bit industrial and using metal pipes for the legs of the desk.

TableReveal-copy-691x1024via Vin’yet Etc.

Using pipes for the legs of the desk is really a make-or-break part of how I’d like to decorate in several aspects of the house. I can’t say I was expecting us to make all of our own furniture, but if the desk works out like we plan, I’d love to also do a bookshelf in that room as well.

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