Paint, Flooring, Appraisals, and More Deliveries

Happy Monday! Things are moving along at the house. Last week was absolutely frigid, but there was still a lot of progress both inside and out.

Now that the drywall is done, the painters were in to prime. The primer is dyed to match the final color (Knitting Needles by Sherwin-Williams), so it gave us a great idea of our final “look.” We went with white ceilings to offset the gray walls.

IMG_5602-0Flooring installation has also begun, starting with the least exciting of the bunch: laminate in the laundry room and guest bathrooms.

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100 Days

I have a little countdown on my computer desktop that has been tracking the number of days until our Guaranteed Occupancy Date of May 9. If you’re really good at math (or are smart enough to infer from the title of this post), the number of days reads exactly 100 today.


And while that in itself is exciting, what’s even more exciting is the fact that we recently found out that we are even closer than 100 days — like, less than half that!

About a week and a half ago, we got a random email from our sales person with a flippant reference to us being “about 2 months away” from completion. To be honest, I kind of ignored the email (our timeline has been confused with another couples’ in the past). But that same day, Troy was talking to our mortgage broker who said that they had also been given the “2 month flag” from the Allen Edwin closing department.

My mind went straight into panic mode — but this wasn’t part of the plan! — before I realized that plans change, and this particular change means that we will likely be in our house two months ahead of schedule!
Several excited text exchanges ensued

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Mechanical Start

Big news from the house! As of Tuesday, mechanical has officially started!

This means that plumbing, electrical, and HVAC is in the process of being installed, and should be done by this weekend!

Following mechanical (and a few inspections), insulation is next (and then a few inspections), followed by drywall. Those lulls I talked about the other day? Our contractor said we will probably see one next week while inspections are taking place. But that’s ok! I am having a hard enough time keeping up with these updates as it is.

For all of you building enthusiasts out there, here are some photos of the mechanical work that has been done so far.

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It’s Cold!

When I got in the car this morning, my thermometer read -2 degrees Fahrenheit. Yikes! Luckily for me, I have a job where I sit in a nice, warm office all day, and really only have to worry about bundling up to run to and from my (remote started!) car.

The poor guys working on our house, though? I can’t imagine what those working conditions must be like! Which is why I can’t say I don’t understand why there hasn’t been a ton happening at the house this week.

ImageFor those of you paying really close attention, you’ll see that we did get the gable over our garage, as well as the overhang above the office windows. And if you squint, you can see that our windows and sliding door are resting comfortably in the garage, waiting for installation. Unfortunately, due to — you guessed it — the cold, the sealant can’t cure until things warm up a bit.

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