Europe 2015 – Part 2: London

This is the second in a three part series about our recent trip to Europe. Find Part 1: Paris here.

We left Paris the same way we arrived: by train. We jumped on the metro and then connected to a Eurostar train on its way to London. We made it to London in a little over an hour via the Chunnel, which is about as exciting as it sounds.


Once we reached London, we each bought Oyster cards to use on the tube system. While Paris is very walkable, London is much more spread out and it’s more efficient (and easy) to use the tubes.

Travelers’ Tip: Download a tube app (I like Tube Tamer) that will help you navigate the tube system, and always have a sense of the nearest tube station (especially to your hotel).

Our hotel in London was kind of a bust — I tried to save some money (which was silly, since it was covered by work). It did the job, but I won’t be linking to it because it was just super meh.

The location, however, ended up being a pretty good one: we were near the London Eye, the river, and Waterloo Station, which is where we arrived on the Eurostar and where we would depart to get to the airport. We were just across the river from Parliament, Westminster, and Big Ben, and it was also a central location for the work meetings I had scheduled prior to the trip. Continue reading