Be Our Guest

I mentioned recently that we had our first house guests earlier this month! My aunt and uncle came in from Florida to see us and the house, and to stay for a couple of nights while they visited family and friends in the area.

For so long I have been keeping a mental list of everything I wanted to do for our guests once we had the space to host. Every time I stayed at someone’s house, I noted the things that were nice or helpful for me as a guest. With some help from Pinterest, I did my best to make our guests feel welcome and at-home during their stay with us.

Here’s how.

A Space of their Own: We’re incredibly lucky to have a home with a designated guest room, guest bathroom, and additional living space on the second floor. This creates a “guest suite” so that our guests can have their own space and not feel like they are intruding on ours.  Continue reading

Photo Dump Friday

In lieu of a real post this week (the struggle is real, guys), I have another Photo Dump Friday post! Here’s a look into our lives from the past week. Spotted these beauties on a walk the other day. I can’t seem to figure out what they are! They look like Lady Slippers, but they were tiny — like, the size of a penny — and were growing on a bush. Anyone have any ideas? Continue reading