A list of 30 items to be accomplished by May 28, 2016 (which is when I turn 30)

  1. Travel to another continent
  2. Get engaged; plan a wedding; get married
  3. Go to a Michigan Football Game outside of Michigan
  4. Go to a professional Detroit sporting event outside of Michigan
  5. Find and visit my grandmother’s grave
  6. Finish my master’s
  7. Make crème brulee, homemade
  8. Make bread, homemade
  9. Make baklava, homemade
  10. Make spring rolls, homemade
  11. Make salsa, homemade, using ingredients I grew myself
  12. Cook a duck dish
  13. Teach the dog how to ring a bell when he wants to go outside
  14. Own a pair of designer shoes
  15. Take a cooking class
  16. Take a knife skills class
  17. Own a really nice knife
  18. Build a house (not personally, but one for us to live in)
  19. Write something and attempt to get it published
  20. Be debt-free (or as close as possible)
  21. Learn how to drive a stick shift
  22. Get a professional massage
  23. Return to Hilton Head, SC for a vacation
  24. Coordinate a block party
  25. Master using my SLR camera; produce a print worthy of displaying; display print
  26. Try at least 10 new foods I have never eaten before
  27. Have a salary I am proud of
  28. Shoot a handgun
  29. Clean out my childhood room at my parents’ house
  30. Take a dance class, of any kind