Bourbon Party

Bourbon has recently seen an increase in popularity recently — especially in our liquor cabinet — so I decided to craft a menu around bourbon for a small gathering of friends we had a few weeks ago.

I don’t personally drink bourbon, but I love to cook with it. My favorite banana bread recipe includes bourbon (it says optional, but please don’t skip it!), so I figured I could easily make enough bourbon-themed dishes to constitute a bourbon party.

The menu:

Bourbon apple glazed wings

Bourbon meatballs

Bourbon glazed kielbasa

Skillet bread with spinach artichoke dip

Everything spice-coated cheese ball

Bourbon chocolate chip cookies

Mini pumpkin bourbon cheesecake

(I included the cheese ball and artichoke dip to offset the OMGSOMUCHBOURBON.)

The kielbasa tasted the most “bourbon-y” — almost too much so, like if you ate too much you might actually get drunk off of it. The meatballs were the most popular of the “main” dishes.

For the most part, I didn’t really deviate from the recipes. I got creative with the cheese ball after I failed to properly follow the recipe and added uncooked garlic and onions straight to the mixture. To offset the harshness, I rolled the ball in shredded cheddar and shaped the ball into a cute little pumpkin (the stem is from a bell pepper). I may actually do this again for Thanksgiving, since it was so easy and adorable.

The skillet bread was pretty but I think I prefer my dip with crackers over dinner rolls.

I did the cheesecakes in individual jars for ease of eating (I had hoped we’d all be outside around a bonfire, but the weather had other plans). This is probably my favorite way to serve dessert, and the leftovers are so easy to store or send home with guests.

 These chocolate chip cookies, by the way, are the absolute best you will ever taste. The only chocolate chip cookie recipe I use, and highly recommended.

I have another recipe coming up later this week — I’ve been really giving this new kitchen a workout!


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