Photo Dump Friday

Happy Friday, loves! Time for another edition of PDF!

It’s fall, it’s fall! Troy did a great job of decorating our front porch. I’m looking forward to having some trick or treaters in the new ‘hood. If the weather holds out, I hope we can invite some friends over for a bonfire as well!

Yesterday was an impromptu “stock up on meat at Costco” day. I noticed we were getting low, so I grabbed some ground beef, pork, and chicken to fill up the freezer. PSA: if you are a Costco member, their seasoned pork medallions are so good. 

I am an intense snacker while I am at work — I have a whole drawer in my desk devoted to snacks. These guys are part of the Annie’s Organic Snack Mix, and they are delicious. Behind them is the marketing plan I have been working on for my department — I’m happy that it “passed” and will be implemented starting soon!

If it’s fall, that must mean it’s time for cider! I picked up a selection of ciders while we were in Toronto, none of which I had tried before. So far they have not disappointed!

I took Finn outside a couple of weekends ago so he could enjoy the last bit of good weather we are having. Our poor old boy is looking a bit aged nowadays, but still loved hopping around and munching on some fresh greens.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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