Paw Pack: An Unsponsored Opinion

It’s no secret that our dog is like our baby — and for my mom, he’s also like a grandkid! And, I mean, can you blame us? Look at that face!


To wish him a happy housewarming, Brady received a gift subscription to Paw Pack, a monthly delivery service that brings doggie goodies directly to our door. This is one of several monthly subscription services that dabbles in pet good, and while I can’t speak for the others, I (and Brady) was very pleased with the quality and variety of the Paw Pack boxes.
(Brady now also thinks that every box that arrives on our doorstep contains something for him.)

We’ve received two boxes so far, and both have had at least one of the following: a toy, a chew meant to be ingested, treats, and a non-edible item (in our experience, a portable dish and a bottle of smell-good spray).

Maybe it is a coincidence, but the toys that we’ve received through the Paw Packs have been Brady’s absolute favorite. He always has one in his mouth, and they have lasted a really long time because he hasn’t totally destroyed them.

I took a video of the first box Brady received; you can see how excited he is and the variety of treats included.

Super special thanks to Brady’s Nana and Uncle Barkley for the great gift!


3 thoughts on “Paw Pack: An Unsponsored Opinion

  1. I always love your posts! This one especially! Brady is such a great dog and you two have raised him well. What a great Nana he has too!

  2. We used to get those packages too! They were so much fun and we always loved the stuff that came in them. We hope to get a puppy in the spring after were settled in the new house and I think we will start getting the boxes again.

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