Photo Dump Friday

Happy Friday! I’m bummed that I don’t have anything new to post, so I thought I’d just do a photo dump of some of the pictures on my phone. Maybe it will become a regular thing — maybe not! Anyway, here is a quick glimpse into my life this past week.


My colleagues were in Asia for a couple events, and one received this beautiful tea set as a gift. I’m impressed that it made it all the way back to the US without any damage, even though they appear to have killed a muppet in order to make the lining of the gift box.

This is Volcano. He lives with us now. Troy brought him home from an event where they used beta fish to decorate a buffet table (sad!) and all of the fish were “adopted” except little Volcano. So he came to live with us. I have never had a beta fish before, and he more often than not looks dead, or near to it. Currently he is on the counter right above the sink, and he is most active when I am doing dishes.
Friends of ours had their first child last week, so I made a big pan of my mom’s lasagna to bring over to them. Here is my stove hard at work cooking the pasta, sauce, and ground beef. This secret family recipe is one I only pull out for special occasions! 

“WHAT THAT? I HELP.” Brady attempting to assist with payment in the fast-food drive-through.

Despite the gardening season quickly coming to an end, we’re still hard at work getting our landscaping looking somewhat decent. I have been scoping out all of the hydrangeas blooming along my route home, and thought it would be great to have one in our yard to cut periodically for fresh flowers in the house. I wasn’t sure if it was too late to buy them from the nursery, but I ended up finding one on clearance at Home Depot! It looks great planted near the front corner of our house, and it still has lots of flowers that haven’t fully bloomed yet.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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