My goodness, it’s been almost a month since my last post. Awful, just awful.

I’ve had this post in my drafts folder for a while, waiting on myself to take some more/better “after” photos of some of the projects we’ve been working on. Well, it’s been two months with no update on the progress we’ve been making on the house, so I’m throwing in the towel and giving you that update, photos be dammed!

Just because we moved into a new house doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do around here! It finally feels like we’ve got the house in good shape (ie I don’t have a to-do list a mile long every weekend). Here’s what we’ve been working on.

On the top of my priority list was organization. We started in the laundry room by installing this shelving system that we had purchased years ago.

So much room for storage! I can’t even reach the top shelves!

The basement, where we stashed quite a few boxes for storage, also got an organization makeover. Troy used this tutorial to build these beauties, and I’m so glad to have everything off of the floor. I could probably still stand to purge some of the junk down there, but it is looking great for now! 

There’s even a special spot under the stairs just for my overflow of kitchen and entertaining goodies.

I finally decided on a shower curtain! I bought and returned no less than three different curtains before deciding on this one in the 72″ x 84″ size. It looks even better when it’s attached to all twelve curtain hooks and isn’t as wrinkled.

We installed a ceiling fan in the master bedroom… And then uninstalled it in favor of a new one that doesn’t beep every time it turns on. This is one of the projects I don’t have an “after” for, but the fan that’s installed now it this one. We like it ok, although it makes a clicking noise on its highest setting.

Troy and a buddy hung our massive TV over the fireplace. For those inquiring minds, we bought this TV mount and it seemed relatively easy for two grown men to install (I watched from a distance).

I created a fun little library in the small third bedroom with one of the several IKEA Kallax units we’ve acquired over the years. I smile every time I look in here, it’s such a nice little space!

I organized the books by type (fiction, nonfiction, cookbooks, misc), cover (hard, soft), and then played around with the colors until I liked how it looked. On the top I placed a few prints we got at an art fair years ago, and a couple special photo books: one of our engagement photos that was also our wedding guest book and a book of Brady’s puppy pictures.

We’re making progress on the exterior as well. The grass is growing (in some places better than others) and Troy has been utilizing his new mower.

I added some solar powered lights to the front walkway to make the yard more inviting (it gets dark out here at night!).

We’re still working every weekend to fill in the flowerbeds with rocks from around the yard. It’s a slow process, but we’re hoping that the rocks stay in place and won’t have to be replenished very often, if ever. 
The landscaping is one thing I need to dig deep into my patience reserve for — I want a usable lawn rightnow and it can be frustrating seeing the grass grow in odd patches (and even some of it dying from the extreme summer weather we’ve been having!). But our landscaper says it’s coming along really well, so I am trying to trust him. And deep down I know that our lawn will be incredible someday because of the patience and care we are giving it today.

Whew! I hope that seems like as much work as it’s felt like! We’ve gotten quite a bit done in the two months that we’ve been here, and we love showing off all of the progress that we’ve made.

I really want to get a new house tour up, now that we’re more settled, and I have even more projects to share soon. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Ugh, I hatehatehate noisy ceiling fans. We don’t turn ours higher than medium (even though I’d love more airflow) because of the ticking/rocking that happens and makes me worry (silly, I know, but it is what it is) that it’s going to detach and destroy something. Todd tells me this is usual for anything on a “stalk” and it’s better to not have it flush to the ceiling for airflow purposes, but it still bugs me.

    Everything’s looking great!

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