Adventures in Landscaping

If you haven’t noticed from some of our more recent photos, one thing that our house didn’t come with is a lawn! So this past weekend we set about remedying that situation. We originally were going to go all-out and purchase sod (same-day lawn!), but after talking to a couple professionals, we realized that, in addition to being a huge savings, our lawn will be higher quality in the long term if we went with seed.

Troy also got a new toy (a weed whipper) and he worked on taming some of the brush at the treeline while the two landscapers worked on prepping the yard for seed. It took all day, but by the end we had grass seed! Hi, future grass babies!

This was before the torrential downpour that washed quite a few seeds into the street and down the drain. Fingers crossed that some of these little guys dug in before that happened.

We also worked with the landscaper to map out some garden beds at the front of the house. We decided to use all of the rocks culled from our yard as ground cover — and there were a lot of rocks.

After!And still more rocks!The next day Troy and I worked in the garden beds. I consulted the Google to find plants that would do well in relatively rocky soil and ended up with a few hardy Tickweed plants, some Alyssum for along the porch, and fountain grass for around the grinder pump cover.

When we had the sprinkler system installed, we requested that a spigot be installed near the porch so we could hook up a soaker hose to hide in the garden bed. The soaker hose went in over the weekend as well and will eventually be covered with rocks.Soaker hose in action!It doesn’t look like much now, but once the plants get a little bigger and we finish filling in the beds with rocks, it might someday look like an actual yard! Oh, and the grass still needs to grow…

For the most part, I don’t mind yard work at all. It brings a certain sense of satisfaction and pride to beautify your home for the whole world to see. However, one part I could have done without are the bugs — specifically the spiders. And when we found what we’re 95% sure was a Brown Recluse, I was pretty much done after that.

I’m normally a very “live and let live” type of person. I understand that spiders provide a very important service of feeding on much more annoying insects, like mosquitoes. But I’m fairly certain this was some sort of spider sent directly from the depths of hell by Satan himself. I am not going to post a picture of the actual spider, but if you are into that sort of thing, you can Google it.

Not only was there a spider — there were also spider eggs.

Nope, nope, nope.

So we did the only reasonable thing to do in this situation.

We burned those m-f-ers and sent them back to hell.

Sorry, PETA.


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Landscaping

  1. I so don’t blame you! I doused our mailbox with spray when I found a spider lurking just inside the hatch. No mercy when you invade my space!!!

    Grow little grass seeds, grow!

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