Falling in Love Again

Still no news on the second appraisal, but we went by the house on Saturday and happened to run into an AE contractor checking in on the property, so we decided to take a little peek inside.

Before I share photos, I have a confession to make. I have put a lot of emotional distance between myself and this house. Anyone who has gone through the building process can attest to how attached someone can become to a home during the building process — just like any project that you are involved with from the beginning, it tends to hold a special place in your heart. And when we’re talking about something as special as a home, it becomes that much more special and emotional.

When it became a definite possibility that we may not ever live in this house, I grieved the loss. I was pretty inconsolable for a while. When I eventually came out of that depression, I emotionally detached myself from the house that we built. I looked at other places. I became more connected with other homes, ones that we could potentially own someday. I told myself (and others) that I would rather just be done with the AE house so we could move forward with one of these other homes.

But for some reason, when we walked through the house this past weekend, something changed. Seeing the home in its near-finished state reminded me of why I fell in love with it in the first place. Admiring all of the finishes that we picked out so many months ago, imagining the furniture that I’d arranged and rearranged in my mind time after time… I fell in love again. I didn’t mean to, trust me — I wish I could have remained detached, it would certainly make the next few days easier to stomach. But part of me doesn’t care. I love this house and I want it to be ours.

In addition to my own emotional crisis, I would be remiss if I didn’t give the people what they wanted: gorgeous photos of a (mostly finished) new construction home!

I felt kind of rushed on Saturday, so I didn’t get a ton of pictures, nor are there photos from every room, but here are the highlights!

First up, the living room. As you can see, the paint, trim, flooring, and electrical fixtures are all complete.


In the kitchen, the cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and plumbing fixtures are all installed.


Look at that gorgeous floor!


Upstairs in the master bathroom, all that is missing are the mirrors.


We saw the master bath tile the last time we were here, but seeing the grouted and finished product was a new experience.


Finally, on the exterior, the trim has all been painted, shutters hung, and exterior lights installed. There was a backup in the cement queue due to the weather last month, so we are still without a front porch, but that should be happening this week. Once that’s done, the rest of the stone can be installed in that empty space under the windows.


Can you see why it was so easy to get reattached so quickly?

In addition to wanting to keep true to all of the reasons I began blogging about this process in the first place, I would also be severely disappointed if we were to eventually close on this house and had missed out on all of the fun of the finishes being installed. Even though it feels like a risk by pushing the emotional boundaries this far without having a definitive answer yet, I can only say that, for now, I’m glad I was able to be reminded of how much I love this house and how happy our family would be here.

And I bet you’ve never read a post about home construction with so much ‘love’ and ’emotion’!

Now we just have to hope and pray that the second appraisal comes back favorable. I’ll be sure to let you know when that happens!


4 thoughts on “Falling in Love Again

  1. My stomach went into knots and my eyes filled with tears when I read this post. It’s gorgeous! Hopefully the appraisal comes back. As I mentioned last week in an email to you, my husband and I are currently in the pre-appraisal process and are eperiencing similar problems. I’ve been literally sick for days. Keeping you and your family in our prayers that everything works out as He planned!

  2. I am so sorry you’re going through all of this! This home looks like it is coming together beautifully, but if it ends up not working out I am sure your vision will look equally fabulous elsewhere!

  3. If the appraisal comes low and we are not willing to get a second appraisal, can we just walk away and get all the money that we’ve put as a down payment? We would rather pay for the appraisal price than to over pay for a home and if they are not willing to agree, we are willing to walk away. My biggest concern is getting all of our money back. We are in the process of buying a AE home and even though we have not been in the showroom process, we refuse to take away options that would devalue the price of the home so that the appraisal price would meet up. Any advice would be helpful. Thank You so much.

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