Mitten Love: Our Great Lakes Desk Project

Happy Friday!

While we wait for the second appraisal to come back (the process of which has already been riddled with errors and miscommunication, if you can believe it), I wanted to share a project that Troy finished last weekend, and the second piece of furniture we purchased for the new house.

I teased in a couple of posts about the desk top that we ordered. Well, it was finished a couple of weeks ago and we are absolutely in love with it.


We purchased the piece from DV8 Designs, a woodworking shop in metro Detroit. They worked with us to choose a size for the desk (originally designed as a coffee table, so we made it a little bit bigger) and let us pick a stain that would match our decor. Ryan at DV8 was fantastic to work with, responded to all of our emails and inquiries in a timely fashion, and produced a unique, beautiful desktop that is sure to be a conversation piece with many guests. If you are in the market for a piece of Michigan-inspired woodwork, we can’t recommend Ryan and DV8 Designs highly enough!

While the desktop was being made, we began researching options for the legs. We purchased the desktop without legs to save a little bit of money and because we wanted the opportunity to get a little creative. I mentioned in this post about our desire to use pipes for the legs, an idea that stuck and eventually led us to the finished product.IMG_5831

Troy used the tutorial by DIY Ready to purchase and assemble the desk legs. All of the materials were purchased at Home Depot for around $100. We decided to go with the Depot because their prices for cutting and threading the pipe was much less than other stores we researched.


We bought matte black spray paint to give the pipe legs a nice, uniform look (some pieces are a darker tone than others). After Troy lightly sanded the cut pipe, though, I started to like the look as-is, so we are holding off on painting for now. Once the desk is in place in our new home office, we’ll make a final decision on leg color.

The legs were easy to attach by drilling a few holes in the solid block of the desktop (that thing is sturdy!). We are thrilled with how it turned out!


As you can see in the tutorial, the plans created a counter-height desk. We considered changing the measurements so our desk would be a standard height, but decided counter-height would make it even more unique. Plus, it’s the perfect height for it to also be used as a standing desk, which, for someone who sits in front of a computer all day, is an added plus in my book.

This does, however, dictate the height of the chair we’ll eventually purchase to go along with the desk. I spent some time browsing a few sites to get an idea of what we both liked. We’re thinking along the lines of something like this:


District Eight Design V19C Adjustable Height Bar Stool at

The price tag is a bit steep, so maybe we’ll get lucky at a resale shop. For now, this gives you an idea of the look we are going for.

We were able to wedge the completed desk in the only space available — and for now the dog is sleeping under it. No more new furniture until after we move!


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