Siding Slump

I don’t like it when I’m not updating the blog on a regular basis, because that means there’s not a lot going on at the house to give updates on!

Like I mentioned in my last post, this past week was devoted to the many (boring) steps of drywall installation, as well as siding installation. When we stopped by on Sunday, some of the siding on the front of the house had been completed.


And the majority of work had been done on the southern-facing side of the house.IMG_5551 On Monday, we were in the area so we stopped by again. I don’t have any photos, but it looked like the majority of the back of the house (the side facing the woods) had been completed. Still quite a bit of work to be completed on the front and north-facing side, though. 

I’ve mentioned before how much we appreciate our contractor’s dedication to keeping us updated on the building progress. As promised, he has provided us with a weekly email of everything that has happened in the past week and what is scheduled to happen in the upcoming week. In his last email he let us know that we can expect our grinder pump (the mechanism that attaches our house’s sewer lines to the main sewer drain) to be installed, and that our front porch would also be poured this week. And, if the stars (and schedules) align, we might also see some trim being installed at the end of the week, starting with cabinets! Super excited about the prospect of that happening very soon.

IMG_5549Stealthy photo of Troy bugging the contractor when we ran into him yesterday

He’s also been super awesome about answering our questions, no matter how silly they may seem (yes, we will have a garbage disposal installed by the builder — phew!).

In four-legged family member news, Brady has accompanied us on several visits to the new house. He loves how much space there is, both inside and outside, to run around. He’s made friends with several members of the construction crew, stealing bits of scrap wood and prancing around the yard to show off.

IMG_5548That guilty face you see above is because he also pooped in the basement during our last visit. Bad dog!

Updates will be scarce until trim work officially starts, but that will be next week at the latest — and those are going to be some really fun posts. Stay tuned!


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