Drywall Install

In just a day, the drywall crew had the entire house outfitted in hung drywall. It’s amazing how much bigger the rooms look now that they are drywalled in — you’d think it would be the opposite, but I am loving how open each room looks now!

The drywall process is 8 steps — 6 of which are mudding and sanding (and mudding and sanding and so forth) 6 different times. So that’s the majority of what is happening this week.

You can finally kind of see the rooms coming together in these photos!

This is the view from the front door. The first opening on the left is the formal dining room, and the kitchen is just past that on the left. The windows in the back of the house are my much-adored living room windows.


Here is the kitchen half-wall (the sink will be on the other side of the half wall):


Looking from the breakfast nook into the living room:


The fireplace, complete with cable and electrical outlets:


Most of the living room and the breakfast nook, complete with sliding glass door:


Moving up to the second floor, this is the view at the top of the stairs (and another window that I love):


The master bathroom walk-in shower (clothes closet to the left, water closet to the right):

IMG_5459In addition to the drywalling this week, we are also looking forward to siding installation. We got a sneak-peek of the siding while it was sitting in the garage after delivery. I mentioned that I’d forgotten what color we picked — well, that wasn’t entirely true. The lighting in the showroom when we originally picked out the siding was so bad that we kind of had to wing it. Now, seeing the true color in the light of day at the actual home site, I’m very happy to say that I love the color we chose!


Here’s to hoping we don’t have any weather delays this week as the Midwest continues to get walloped by snow!


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