Mechanical Finish

And just like that, mechanical is done! As of Friday, all of the electric, plumbing, and HVAC work has concluded. While this was one of the less exciting steps of the process, it was fun to see where our can lights were placed in the kitchen and living room.

IMG_5355We upgraded the lighting in the kitchen to include six can lights across the ceiling (those metal fixtures you can see in the photo), and I already love how they are placed above the “island” that houses the sink and dishwasher. I don’t think I’ve actually included a photo of that section of the kitchen before, so here it is looking in from the living room.

IMG_5356The half-wall will give this area a nice open feel, and I’ll be able to watch TV while I cook or do dishes. It’ll be a lot easier to visualize once the drywall is installed, but for a sneak peak, check out the virtual tour on the builder’s website.

Back to can lights: we also had two installed on either side of the fireplace.

My photo software nearly cropped them out, but you get the idea. They’ll look great when we get around to doing the built-in bookcases in those nooks!

Lastly, further testament to the organizational abilities of our contractor: every finish of our house is currently written in erasable marker on our sliding door. Now, any tradesperson that walks into the house will know exactly what color cabinet, countertop, paint, etc he/she should be installing. Hopefully there will be zero confusion when all that fun stuff starts happening.

IMG_5358I apologize for the jenky photos in this post, it was absolutely freezing when we were over there last and I was cold and hungry.

Next stop on the home building train: Insulation Town, followed by Drywall City!


4 thoughts on “Mechanical Finish

  1. Maria,
    So I’m assuming by your pictures the ceiling insulation is entirely blown in type that goes in after drywall? For some reason I thought I heard AE did both batting and then added blown in type in the attic. Maybe I misread that somewhere. BTW our foundation walls are being poured this week. 🙂

    • Keith, yes, exactly: blown in insulation in the attic after drywall. And hurray for foundation walls! So glad to hear that some progress is being made! Have you heard from your project manager yet?

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