Mechanical Start

Big news from the house! As of Tuesday, mechanical has officially started!

This means that plumbing, electrical, and HVAC is in the process of being installed, and should be done by this weekend!

Following mechanical (and a few inspections), insulation is next (and then a few inspections), followed by drywall. Those lulls I talked about the other day? Our contractor said we will probably see one next week while inspections are taking place. But that’s ok! I am having a hard enough time keeping up with these updates as it is.

For all of you building enthusiasts out there, here are some photos of the mechanical work that has been done so far.

IMG_5335 IMG_5330

The tub and shower inserts that we saw in the garage during our last visit are now installed.

IMG_5333 IMG_5332Even though all of the windows are installed, there is still some snow on the floors in some rooms, but there was a big (loud!) heater in the living room warming things up and drying them out.


The roofers were there yesterday and had made some great progress — they should be done this week, too. Once the roof is done and the house is sealed up, our furnace (which was also installed this week) will get fired up and it’ll be nice and toasty for the guys working on the interior.

IMG_5328We were also happy to learn that there are only six other houses being built in our neighborhood at the moment, which means our contractor, Mitch, has the time and brainpower to keep a good eye on what is going on at each building site. He told us that he once had 38 houses being built at the same time — I have no idea how he kept everything straight! So far we’ve been really pleased with the level of communication, knowledge, and expertise Mitch has shown us. It makes us feel like our home is in very good hands!




3 thoughts on “Mechanical Start

  1. Wow, when they get going they get going!

    I wondered how they’d work in the cold, having the furnace running makes perfect sense. Though the practical side of me wonders if you’re responsible for the heating bills starting now or is that something worked into the contractor’s fees?

  2. Holy cow they are flying now! Glad to see this dream coming together for you and Troy. Looks like this warm-up will be around for a while too. I think the lull in the action waiting to break ground is the absolute worst so you guys are over the hump. 🙂

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