New Home Inspiration: Foyer and Office

Next up on our home inspiration tour, I’d like to show you some of the plans for the front of the house, specifically the entryway/foyer and the office.

Last week, I hinted at the fact that we’d purchased a desktop for the office. While I’m still not ready to share the actual desktop, I can tell you that it is only a desktop — meaning we (Troy) will be installing the legs of the desk, and we (me) will need to find a comfy chair to go with the finished product.

Right now, we’re pretty set on going a bit industrial and using metal pipes for the legs of the desk.

TableReveal-copy-691x1024via Vin’yet Etc.

Using pipes for the legs of the desk is really a make-or-break part of how I’d like to decorate in several aspects of the house. I can’t say I was expecting us to make all of our own furniture, but if the desk works out like we plan, I’d love to also do a bookshelf in that room as well.

FileItem-204630-IMG_4124via Whitney Gaylord

Moving into the foyer, I could also see a console table in this same vein.

img_2559 via handmaidtales

Remember that bar cart I wanted? Why not make one with pipes?

Life Designed 16via Life: Designed

Ok, ok, maybe I am getting a little carried away with the pipe thing. However, outside of the desk and the bookshelf, none of these pieces would be in the same room, and I kind of like the idea of having a furniture theme throughout the first floor. Plus, there is a reclaimed wood market down the street from my office that I think could make some really beautiful pieces.

Outside of my new-found obsession with plumbing supplies, I love the trend of built-in entryway organizers. If you look at our floor plan, there is a small space near the door to the basement where we had the option of adding a built-in organizer. The builder wanted to charge us a couple thousand (really?!), which seems to silly when we could make this for a fraction of the price.

entry-storage-bench-hooks-basket-bins1Follow the link for full DIY instructions! / via House Updated

This is one of those low-priority projects, though, so in the meantime I am hoping to do something a little more simple with just a bench, coat hooks, and a little shoe storage. This caught my eye one day on the IKEA website and I really like the look of it all.

e56814402cb283b40f2ea4f394ca216dvia the IKEA website

We don’t have quite this much space in our little nook, but the bench and mounted “hallway gallery,” as they call it, would fit perfectly in that spot.

Finally, a quick update from the house: as of Monday night, all of our windows were installed, as well as another section of shingles. It’s pretty chilly again today, but hopefully the guys are powering through. I love progress!


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