Shingles, Windows, and More Deliveries

After a few days without a visit to the house, we stopped by on Sunday to find a lot of progress had been made in several different areas.

Inside, the fireplace has been installed in it’s “house.”


More windows were installed (and we noticed one cracked window in the basement that will need to be replaced — oops!).

I know I say this every time I talk about the windows, but this wall in our living room is my absolute favorite ever in the history of walls. I love it so much, I don’t know if I will be able to hide it behind window coverings. TBD.

In the garage, we now have a door (superbly modeled by Troy)…


…As well as a recent delivery of our master shower and guest tub inserts.

IMG_5301Moving outside, the front porch overhang was installed, and you can see some of our front-facing windows here, too.IMG_5303

Shingles and windows have to be installed before our mechanical start date (which was supposed to be last week, but the dumb weather pushed that back to this week), and we were very pleased to see that the shingles have been delivered and install on those has started as well.
IMG_5304 Since the temperature is miraculously in the double digits today, hopefully they will be able to get the windows completed and a lot of the shingles done before it gets really cold again (although this weekend is supposed to be sunny and warm — relatively speaking, anyway). IMG_5308It feels like I have been able to post so many updates these last couple of weeks. It’s so easy to get excited when things are actually happening, and obviously going from a hole in the ground less than a month ago to where we are today is a big, exciting leap forward! …But I know we still have a couple of (scheduled) lulls ahead of us, so I am trying to prepare myself for that. In the meantime, I hope my thoroughness and frequency of updates is more enlightening than annoying, but Troy and I are both over-the-moon excited at the progress that is being made, so thank you for sharing it all with us!


2 thoughts on “Shingles, Windows, and More Deliveries

  1. I would be hesitant to cover those windows, too! They’re GORGEOUS. Maybe you could do curtains that can be pulled up/to the side? This way you have a little bit of covering but it’s easy to have the full, gorgeous view when you want it. 🙂

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