Basement Update

A few things have happened at the lot since my last post…

The basement walls set and the frame mold thingies were removed.

FullSizeRender (8)Fill dirt was delivered…

FullSizeRender (7)…and the lot was leveled.

FullSizeRender (9)And some plumbing in the basement was also installed, including the hard plumbing for our basement bathroom.

FullSizeRender (6)The last photo above is from the backyard looking into the basement. Eventually there will be a wall with three windows here — we ordered a daylight basement, so windows will be full-sized with a nice view of the backyard and the woods behind the house.

Framing should start this week — fingers crossed!


9 thoughts on “Basement Update

  1. I found your blog through a Google search and it has been great as I recently started building through Allen Edwin as well. We are a little bit behind your progress, we just had our selections meetings but it is nice to read someone else’s thoughts going through the whole process. Congrats on your progress and I am looking forward to reading more!

    • Welcome, Katie! I’m so glad you found us. Congrats to you as well on completing selections! You’ll have to let me know how your home is progressing, I would love to hear how our experience differs from yours. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Maria, Just curious if you had a Home Review meeting prior to your foundation start? For my wife and I it has been 13 weeks since final selections and our lot has been staked for some time but no actual work has been done and zero communication (frustrating). If you read through the Build manual there are discrepancies when the Home Review meeting will actually happen. Thanks for your hard work on this blog (great job!), it helps the rest of us AE customers through the process. 🙂

    • Keith, thanks so much for your comment. It’s funny you mention the manual — we had never recieved the Build manual from our salesperson, but happened to find it online just yesterday. No, we haven’t had our home review meeting and realize now that it will likely happen before framing, so we are anxiously awaiting that phone call. But our mechanical start date is still set for January 9, so they’d better get a move on…

      And I compeltely understand your frustration! Our lot was staked for many, many weeks before the basement was finally dug. Hang in there! Maybe we should start a support group. 😉

      Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll be back soon with updates on your experience, too — I’d love to hear about it!

      • Maria,
        Just a reference of how fast AE can work once framing starts…………….a house in my sub was framed/wrapped with a complete roof in 2 weeks, plumbing, heating and electrical done in about 1 week, and drywall start around week 4. The power is even on! They can move pretty quick if they need to. I also noticed in your pictures the silt fence was not up right until they dug your basement. I’m suspect that there seems to be a pattern of long delays of getting the erosion permits which holds up everything at the beginning. Unfortunately AE has to deal with the DEQ for erosion permits and I have heard the DEQ takes their good old time approving them. In our case the permit application was made on 10/23 and we still are waiting. Now that you are past that red tape I think you will see your place go together pretty quick now. Please do share the updates. You are in the coolest part of the process now!

      • We’ve heard about delays due to permits in our county, too — I guess we can’t blame AE for everything! We’ve watched several houses on our circle go up in what seems like a matter of days, as you witnessed. Let’s hope each of ours get the same treatment! Any movement on your lot yet?

      • No movement yet on the foundation but we have our Mechanical Start date from our Sales Counselor (week 2 March). We can’t be far off from digging a hole I would guess. If it were nicer out I think we would probably take lawn chairs and a cooler over to watch the progress. 🙂

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