Schedules and Timelines and Start Dates – Oh, My!

It occurred to me after my last post that I’ve been talking about this almighty timeline that the builder provided to us, but I’ve never actually shared it with you. Anyone that isn’t exclusively interested in building will probably find this dull, so everyone else can feel free to skip this one.

Early on in our discussions with Allen Edwin, we received part one of the Homeowner Manual that would help to walk us through the building process. I’ve read every inch of this booklet, multiple times, and now, as we creep slowly up to the beginning of construction, I am intently focused on the timeline part of the manual, where it is outlined as such:


As you know, we are in the pre-construction limbo of Step 6. Luckily we get to skip Step 7 because our home did not require pre-appraisal (meaning someone important thinks it is worth equal to or more than what we are paying for it).

Steps 8, 9, and 10 are where I thought a little more explanation would be helpful. Once pre-construction is finished, our house will be built on three separate schedules. I’ve pulled some of the wording from the manual to better explain them.

Foundation Schedule: “Your foundation start and completion run independent from the framing and official “Start” of your home. Because of efficiencies that are gained by pouring multiple foundations and grouping foundations together, your foundation may be poured and completed weeks prior to when the framing begins. Proceeding the winter months when it is more difficult to pour the foundation, we will put in more foundations to eliminate the winter conditions. During this time, it is not uncommon for the foundation to be in a month or more before your framing begins.

Frame Schedule: “After your foundation completion, your home is then scheduled for the Frame Start. Because our framers work in varying sizes in terms of crews and in speed, our framing start and completion will vary from home to home. The start and completion of the framing of your homes does not constitute the start of your home and thus does not determine the completion date as compared to other homes that have started or completed framing. At completion of framing, your home will have windows, doors, and shingles. Your home may stand at this stage longer or shorter than other homes based on when your Mechanical Start date is.”

Mechanical Schedule: “This is the official “start” of your home. This date constitutes when the mechanical start and the official schedule to completion begin. General time frames from the start of mechanicals to the completion of home vary because of inspections and municipalities vary from community to community. This stage is approximately three (3) months.”

Fun stuff, huh? I hope this is helpful as I continue to prattle on about different schedules and start dates.

Based on the timeline above, with our mechanical start date set for January 9, we can expect the Foundation Schedule to kick off 6-10 weeks prior (sometime in November), putting us at framing somewhere in December.

Underlying all of these potential timelines, however, is a big, fat disclaimer at the end of the section:

“Times are for general planning purposes only and may be adjusted as business needs are required by Allen Edwin Homes.”

There’s that darn variability again.

Fine, Allen Edwin. Adjust my timing as business needs require. I’ll be here…counting the days…and pretending like I don’t expect anything new and/or exciting every time I drive past our lot.

Speaking of timing, as of Saturday we will officially be on vacation time! See you back here in a couple of weeks with a great tan and some Aruba recaps.



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