Stake Out

A teeny, tiny, little lot update for you today: as of Friday, we’ve been staked!

photo (20)


Not incredibly easy to see, but those stakes show where the house will be — and proves that the builder does remember that they are supposed to be building a house here, eventually.

For those who are bad at visualizing, let me help you with this incredibly professional and impressive artistic representation of what the house will, eventually, look like based on these stakes:

photo (20)Yep. Exactly like that.

This might not seem like much, but after driving by the lot week after week and seeing no change, this was kind of a big deal. If all goes according to plan, basement digging will hopefully commence very soon.

There are two other lots on our circle that have also been staked. We think they are on the same timeline as us, but they have their permits displayed, and we’re still waiting on ours. I might have a coronary if our basement doesn’t get dug alongside theirs.

Tomorrow marks eight weeks since we signed off at selections, which means the builder’s timeframe for pre-construction will officially be exhausted — AKA, it’s go time, bitches.



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