On the Hunt

As I mentioned in my post about the couch, we’re working on piecing together furniture and decor for the house over the next few months so as to keep our bank account from going into shock shortly after we move in.

There are a few pieces we don’t mind spending a little bit more for. The couch, for example, is something that, while I am glad I got a good deal on, I would have paid full price for, knowing it was the one and for the fact that it will be one of the most utilized pieces in the house.

Another such piece is a new mattress: we already have this picked out (a bigger version of the one we currently have), and there really isn’t a rush to buy in advance — according to the interwebs (I love this list), May is the time to buy mattresses, which is great because that’s exactly when we will need one! (I’ve also heard President’s Day sales are where it’s at when it comes to furniture.)

Add in the cost of all of the appliances we are going to need to buy, and my credit card will officially be maxed out! So, with that in mind, we know we’ll have to be a little…creative when it comes to furnishing the rest of the house.

I’ve been reading a lot of home blogs lately that scour resale shops, garage sales, and Craigslist for that perfect piece that they’ve revamped to make it clean, modern, and fit in perfectly with their home. I’ve pinned a lot of these posts in the hope that I will be able to follow in their footsteps with projects of my own.

The first item I hope to find is a desk.


Click here to see the before! / via Better After

This desk is exactly what I am looking for — well, maybe the blue hue isn’t exactly what I had in mind, but I love everything else about it. I totally intend to subtly include the airplane/map theme of our wedding reception into areas of the new house, and this desk would fit in very nicely. Now to find an old desk — and a tutorial of how to paint a map on the top.

Next up, Troy has decided he’d like to find an entryway table to update and use inside the front door. I’ve actually found quite a few of these fairly cheap (this one on Amazon caught my eye the other day), but I love his enthusiasm for home projects and saving money!


Click here to see the before! / via Free Stylin’ Beth

Not sure why all of my inspiration pieces are blue, but anyway… Cute, functional, and second-hand! Love!

Last, I really, really want a bar cart for the kitchen nook. There is the perfect spot next to the doorwall where I’d like to hang our wine rack and have a little cart that could be wheeled out onto the deck for entertaining. Again, while there are a few buy-new options, I think a cute vintage cart would be perfect.


Click here to see the before! / via Living in Vogue

This one is just adorable, and wait until you see the before! Amazing what a little sand paper and spray paint can do.

The first step, and the most daunting one, honestly, is to begin the search for the perfect pieces. I am definitely the type to do my research online and then go to the store and purchase what I’ve painstakingly decided on from the comfort of my computer screen. This isn’t normally how things go down in the thrifting world. Nope, it’s a lot of the right-place-right-time kind of situation.

While I work up the courage to step into a thrift store without A Plan, I did a little research (what can I say, I’m a creature of habit!) of the local stores in the area. I was able to view a few photos of the types of items carried at one shop across town, and was pleasantly surprised at what I found — specifically an a bar cart and an entry table!



Ignore that coyote, he doesn’t come with the table… I hope. / via The Treasure Mart

Obviously these pieces could be long gone by the time I make my way over to check them out, but it’s good to know what types of items a store carries — I like to know what to expect in case, you know, there are lots of taxidermied animals I need to prepare myself for.


… Oh, my… / via The Treasure Mart

I would love to hear any tips anyone has about thrift store or garage sale shopping! I’m new to this, but I really think there are some great pieces waiting for me out there!




9 thoughts on “On the Hunt

  1. estatesales.net lists the estate sales in the area and often has pictures of items so you can tell ahead of time if it’s worth checking out. My advice is to get there early (typically at least 30 minutes) to sign up for the sale and get in quick.

  2. A) Amanda (Cardigan) painted a map on her wall using (I believe) a projector hooked up to her computer to get the image the right size for painting. I bet you could do the same if you turned the desk on it’s side. (Or you could find a vinyl map to apply and save time.)

    B) I have a pretty sturdy wooden bar cart and after a few bottles were loaded on, it doesn’t really roll all that well. The IDEA of being able to move your supplies is a good one, we all have it, but if you plan to keep a well-stocked bar it’s going to be easier to leave it in place.

    C) Thrifting is hit or miss but fun. We scored majorly on a dining set and I’ve found some other pieces here or there. I really like that the shop nearest my house funds women’s shelters, but I’m not crazy about their cash or check only policies. In this day and age, who carries anything but cards?!

    • Good point about the bar — I think I was more picturing it holding a couple bottles of wine and maybe a pre-mixed bevvie of the day (as opposed to a full bar), but definitely want to consider the sturdiness factor while shopping. At the very least I would be fine with it staying put inside the house — it would be right inside the door, after all, and my lazy guests can just get up off their butt and serve themselves!

    • Yes, definitely. My issue, if you want to call it that, is that with Craigslist, you have to set up an appointment to see the item (singularly, not like you are browsing a bunch of stuff), and then it feels awkward if you decide you don’t want to buy it — again, I think this is my own, weird, preference. I am definitely browsing, though, and would not be against it if I found anything that looked promising!

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