He Said/She Said: New House Edition

Continuing on in the “nothing is happening on the lot, so I need to fill these posts with other ramblings” series, I thought it would be fun to compare notes with my lovely husband about how we envision our lives in the new house. I made up a series of questions, which we both answered separate from the other person. Here’s how our answers compared.


If you could describe this experience so far in one word, what would that word be? 

Him: Roller-coaster….That’s almost one word, right?

Her: Emotional.

What are you most looking forward to about living in the new house? 

Him: The fact that it is OURS. That all of our hard work has paid off with ability to build such an amazing house on the perfect lot, in the perfect location.

Her: Having a place to put everything so it is actually accessible

Is there anything you aren’t looking forward to?

Him: Not really. Even moving won’t be so bad because finally all of our stuff will be in one place. I guess the only tough part about moving will be getting our belongings from the 4 different locations they are in

Her: The monthly mortgage payment 🙂

After moving in, what is the first big project you’d like to tackle? 

Him: If my wonderful wife will let me build a deck (with some help) I’d love to do that. If we contract that out then the landscaping will be that big project. I have every intention of having an amazing looking lawn.

Her: Refinishing my grandmother’s dining room hutch, and organizing the closets

Picture yourself doing something ordinary in the new house. What are you doing, and what room are you in? 

Him: Cooking dinner in our kitchen while watching sports on TV

Her: Folding laundry in the bonus room!

What new-house purchase (besides the actual house) are you most looking forward to? 

Him: All the outdoor equipment. Lawn mower, snow blower, etc

Her: Probably the king-sized mattress, although I am pretty obsessed with finding the perfect couch at the moment

Which room in the new house do you think will be your favorite? Which room do you imagine yourself spending the most time in?

Him: The living room (until the basement is finished)

Her: Probably the kitchen, for both answers

Just for fun: what food should we serve at our housewarming party?

Him: Tons of awesome appetizers and good wine

Her: I don’t care what kind of food, I just know I will be cooking it all myself in my new kitchen!


Sounds like we are mostly on the same page (well, except regarding the deck, but we’ll hash that out later). One thing I know that we both agree on is that we are more than ready for something — anything — to start happening over at the lot. And you, dear readers, will be the first to know when it does!

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!


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