The No-Update Update

Every day on my way home from work, I pass this billboard (excuse the grainy stuck-in-traffic picture).

photo (15)

Yes, that is an advertisement for our builder, Allen Edwin. When I first saw it, I was nearly giddy — yes, Billboard Lady, I’m building my dream home, too! We’re kindred spirits, you and I!

But as I continued to drive past her knowing eyes and sly smirk every day, she slowly got on my nerves. Oh, you live in your dream home, Billboard Lady? Where the heck else would you live? Maybe with your parents? Is that where you lived while your dream home was being built, Billboard Lady? Did you have a stupid commute where you passed stupid billboards and had stupid conversations with those billboards in your head?!

So yeah, I guess you can say my patience is wearing thin during this “lull” in the process. We’re now 4 weeks (and 2 days) post-selections. According to the timeline, we still have 1-3 more weeks before the hole is dug and our foundation is poured. Despite multiple drive-bys of the lot every week, nothing has changed, and likely won’t until next month. Big sigh…

Troy was golfing at the course where our house is being built earlier this week and ran into a group of project managers at the model. None of them knew the status of our house (not a good sign), but said they would have our sales rep contact us with an update, which turned out to be a no-update update — “6-8 weeks, that’s the lull.” “You should have expected this.” “This is the lonely time.” “I know that it seems like it is taking forever.”

The no-update update. That’s what this post is, too . Well, that, and to put Billboard Lady on blast — seriously, does she make sense to anyone?!

More (hopefully) soon…


2 thoughts on “The No-Update Update

  1. Yeah, I’d be getting pretty testy with Billboard Lady, too! I’m taking it as a play on ‘have your cake and eat it, too’ but, well, it doesn’t really work… Lulls suck, no matter what the lull is. Good thing this month is almost over and there’s a holiday weekend to make it go faster!

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