Lots About Our Lot

Yesterday was lot transfer, which means we officially own our little half-acre of weeds!photo (10)

The process went very smoothly. We met with someone from the title company who explained all of the paperwork as we were signing. We both signed about 20 things, including something allowing the crew to hang out there and, you know, build a house.

Everyone keeps telling us, now that we own it, to go camp on it. I think I’ll wait until there is a structure, preferably with a roof, to spend the night, but it’s fun knowing that we can!

After lot transfer (and lunch), we went up to the model of the 2300 to poke around. Over the weekend we found some furniture at Arhaus that we really liked, so we wanted to see if it was going to fit in the living room the way we imagined it (spoiler alert: nope).

We got to talking with the Allen Edwin sales rep that was at the model and found out she also lives in the sub we are building in; her house was completed only two months ago. She was able to pull up our file in the system and, while the CAD (architectural) drawings weren’t done yet, she did show us the site plan.

site plan
This was really cool for us to see because we can now imagine exactly how the house will sit on the lot and how far into the woods our property line goes. Not only that, we were able to figure out how much yard we will actually have to landscape (31,000 square feet of sod, yikes!).

The sales rep also assured us that this truly is the loneliest time during the build, because all of the stuff is going on behind the scenes and we aren’t getting many updates (which was expected, but still nice to hear). I told her that’s why we were creepin’ the model, because all we can do at this point is imagine!

So…who wants to volunteer to help landscape this huge lot?! I, personally, cannot wait.

More soon…


5 thoughts on “Lots About Our Lot

  1. Congrats to you both!!! So happy for you. Love your floor plan. Love this blog! Can’t wait to see your new home. Just from reading here, it will be fabulous!

  2. Girl, I’m cracking up that you consider that site plan helpful. I am for real cocking my head and staring at it. But hey, whatever it takes, right?

    Also, I stand by my stance: go camp on it! 😉

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