Don’t tell my husband, but I have a very serious new crush…on our house.

It’s the first thing I think of when I wake up, and the last thing I think about as I’m falling asleep.

I spend hours upon hours planning our future together.

My Pinterest is full of all of the things I want to buy for it.

I imagine doing everyday activities in that house.

Every new experience is one I wish I was having in the house.

So yeah, I have a pretty one-track mind these days. Do you think it will get worse when there are actually things progressing at the lot? I sure hope not, because I’m not getting anything done around here as it is…

We received something of a timeline at our selections appointment that puts our groundbreaking somewhere around the end of August. Our guaranteed occupancy date is officially May 9.

Yeah, I cringe at that date, too. We’re really hopeful that is a super-padded guarantee date — once that date passes, the builder pays us $50 a day as an inconvenience fee, so they really don’t want to go over that date. From the few people we’ve talked to, however, they generally run a few weeks early — fingers crossed.

Our next financial responsibility happens next week, when we take ownership of the lot during the lot transfer. At this appointment we’ll have the title for the lot transferred over to us, along with responsibilities for the taxes, association fees, and landscape escrow (a chunk of change that we’ll get refunded to us once we install our landscaping — a kind of insurance policy so new houses don’t sit on dirt lots for months after they are completed).

While it doesn’t seem quite fair that we will have to pay taxes and HOA dues on a house that we don’t live in (one that hasn’t even been built yet!), it’s kind of just the way things work, and I understand why the builder doesn’t want to be responsible for these bills either. This is just another reason I hope our timeline is as short as possible!

After lot transfer, it’ll seem like nothing is happening while the CAD drawings are completed and the building permits are obtained. There will probably be a little bit of a lull here, as far as building updates go, but maybe that will give me a chance to write about something — anything — else!

More soon…


3 thoughts on “Crushing

  1. I think it’s like any new relationship: once you get a little more used to the idea of the new house, then things will start to normalize a bit. Sort of like the first few months of wedding planning, followed by that weird lull in the middle, then a whole lot of frenzy at the end just before you get to move in.

    Do you have a countdown timer on your phone, yet?

    • I was able to distract myself a bit with some vacation planning today — so proud! 😉

      Oh yes, I have a countdown on my internet browser! 283 more days to go…

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