Customizing Our Home: Selections, Part 2

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Even though the backsplash took some time to decide on, most of the kitchen decisions came fairly naturally. Another very easy decision was paint color. We had the choice of several designer paint colors as part of an upgrade package discount that was being offered. I had narrowed it down to two colors (one in the dark category and one in the medium category) and was leaning toward the lighter of the two. Kim recommended we go lighter, since the color would cover every room in the house, including the small spaces like the closets and powder room, and that sealed the deal. Our color: Sherwin Williams Knitting Needles.


Paint swatch from Sherwin Williams

We also upgraded our paint option to have the ceilings painted white to provide some contrast.

Once we had the hardwood, paint, and most of the kitchen elements selected, we moved on to carpet.

Choosing a quality carpet was one of the things on our “important” list. We didn’t have any carpet in our last home and are already looking forward to utilizing it in the new house (ever tried at-home yoga on a hardwood floor? Not so relaxing). I’d over budgeted for the carpet and the padding so we’d be able to get exactly what we wanted.

This was another decision that took a bit of time: even though we had our pick of almost any option, finding the right color was challenging. We finally settled on a Mohawk UltraStrand UltraSoft nylon carpeting in Snowflake.


Carpet sample from the Mohawk website

Another whole-house upgrade was the interior doors. For less than $40 total, we got every door upgraded to a craftsman-style door that we liked much more than the standard wooden doors. The knobs and hinges will all be black, a subtle difference that makes a big impact.

interior doors

Next up were the bathrooms.

If you remember from the floor plan, we’ll have a powder room (half bath) on the first floor, and two full bathrooms on the second floor. While the master bath was definitely on our “important” list, it was also very important to Troy that the powder room be upgraded as well, since that is the bathroom that most guests will see, and likely the one we will use the most as well.

For the powder room, we upgraded the toilet to a fancy Kohler Archer toilet, which will match the (also upgraded) Kohler Archer pedestal sink and Kohler Alteo faucet. Like most of the first floor, the powder room will have the hickory hardwood (7)

The master bath will also receive the upgraded treatment in the form of a raised vanity in dark wood with a 72” Evercor countertop in Kaberwheat (which the website shows as very tan, but is mostly white).


Countertop sample from US Marble

The double sinks will have the same Kohler Alteo faucets with the matching Kohler Alteo shower faucet.

We went with tile in the master bath (well, it feels like tile — I think it looks more like wood). They had it installed in the showroom and it looked really nice with some dark grout.

master bath flooring

The shower insert was upgraded to a curved wall stall. Originally I had wanted a tiled shower stall, but it wasn’t offered unless we upgraded to a premium bathroom package. I didn’t mind the insert, so we just left it at the much lesser upgrade, coming in way under budget on that front.

master shower inset

We requested a special quote to be done to add a window in the master bathroom. This came in at a reasonable price, so there will be one on the wall where a linen closet was originally planned.

As for the second full bath on the second floor, we went with the standard laminate in Deep Slate for the floors (same for the laundry room, which is also on the second floor) and the same dark wood vanity as the master bath. The countertops are a 48” standard white marble with a single sink, but we did upgrade the counter height here as well.

second bath cabs & floor

 Here you can see the cabinets for the upstairs bathrooms, as well as the flooring for both bathrooms. That little white square is the actual color of the master bath countertops — not very tan in this picture, huh?

Lighting in all three bathrooms are multi-lamped fixtures (number of bulbs depends on the room, but I believe it is 2, 3, and 4 for the half-, guest-, and master bath, respectively).

master bath lighting

Speaking of lights, we also decided to upgrade the hanging lights in the breakfast nook and the dining room. Originally we planned on doing this upgrade ourselves after we moved in, but decided, for less than $90 a piece, it was simpler to have the builder install them and save us the trouble.

hanging lights

In the forefront, the dining room fixture; bottom left, breakfast nook

We added recessed lights in the kitchen (six of them, to be exact) and also two in the living room flanking the fireplace.

Oh, did I mention the fireplace? It’ll look something like this:


The standard flush-mount lights will be pretty much everywhere else. The master bedroom will be prepped for an eventual ceiling fan. My hope is that these get replaced fairly soon after we move in, since they aren’t my favorite.

flushmount light

Next up, we finish with the exterior, and I have some final thoughts to share.

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7 thoughts on “Customizing Our Home: Selections, Part 2

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    • Yep, for now. We didn’t want to spend money for additional colors because the quality of the standard paint isn’t the best, but the upgrades were ridiculous. We’ll live with it for a little while and then I’ll probably get antsy for a redo.

    • I am really trying to not overdo it on the gray, but it is my favorite color to decorate with! Our condo was mostly browns, they are both great, versatile choices!

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