A Brief Transition

Like any major decision I have ever made in my life (and some of the not-so-major ones, too), I have been researching the s**t out of building this house. So far I have spreadsheets for flooring, faucets, and paint, and several inspiration boards — even Troy has a Houzz ideabook for his backyard fire pit project.

One area that I have found very little information on is our actual builder. Now, I have no worries about building with Allen Edwin. They are a reputable builder and have many communities around the state. Since our last home was poorly built, we are very excited about their dedication to using quality, energy-efficient products. What’s more, this is all backed by a 10 year structural warranty. On this front, I have no doubt that we have chosen the right builder.
Taken from Allen Edwin’s website — I think our new home will be more efficient than our last, even if we keep the windows open year round! 
Where I wish I knew more, however, is about the process itself. When I was planning the wedding, the main blog I frequented featured brides retelling their step-by-step experience, everything from the engagement to the honeymoon and even follow-up posts on first anniversaries. This is what I wanted for the process of building a house — every step of the way, what should I expect? Specifically, what should I expect with our builder?
And that’s the kind of blog I’d like to build here, at least for the next few months, so any future Allen Edwin home builders can know what kind of a ride they are in for. As for everyone else, I hope you enjoy reading about the process! I do intend to keep tabs on the rest of my life (although it does feel like I have a one-track mind these days), and pick up where we left off after the move.
In the meantime, if you know of any similar home building blogs that do exist, please leave a link in the comments!

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