30-by-30 Update

I turned 28 in May, so it was a good time to check in on my 30-by-30 list. I realized that, although I haven’t blogged about all of them, I’ve been able to check off a couple items over the past few months. I’ve also got some checkmarks coming up.

Recently completed:

#6. Finish my master’s: I graduated last May with my master’s in Higher Education Administration. Shortly after, I secured a new position at U-M on the International Giving and Engagement team.


#13. Teach the dog how to ring a bell when he wants to go outside: So, the dog learned this, and then grew up a bit and now I am the one reminding him to go outside (because he’s lazy and would rather sleep than go outside, especially when its cold or rainy out). Good enough for me — check!

photo (4)He’d rather be inside on the couch anyway.

#14. Own a pair of designer shoes: For the wedding, I bought not one but two pair of Kate Spade shoes. Pretty sure that is as close to designer as I will ever get (even though I still drool over those little red-bottoms every time I see them — oh well).

wedding-bee-fox-hills-golf-strobist-wedding-photographer-studiOsnap-ann-arbor-plymouth-airplane-062Photo courtesy of studiOsnap, cropped to show the OMGSHOOZ!

#17. Own a really nice knife: One of the gifts my mom got us for our wedding shower was a Wustoff knife, and we’ve supplemented that knife with another, smaller one that I love. Great investment, those knives.

photo (3)

Knife from madre, complete with lucky penny.

#22. Get a professional massage: Another wedding shower gift, this time from my bridesmaids, was a couples massage for Troy and I to get before the wedding. I have to say… I didn’t love it! But, now I know.

#29. Clean out my childhood room at my parents’ house: While our house is being built, we are shacked up at my parents’ house. Before moving all of our stuff in, I cleaned out every closet, drawer, and cupboard in the three rooms we would be utilizing. When we move into our new house and all of our belongings are gone, it’ll finally be usable space!

#30. Take a dance class, of any kind: Another fringe effect of the wedding, about a week prior we decided we should really take a dance class. So we bought a Groupon for a place in Ypsilanti, and went for a mini-session. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to make us look like we knew what we were doing during our first dance.


Although some moves just can’t be taught…

Expected to be completed in the near future:

#1. Travel to another continent: I’ve been slated to go to Singapore next year for my new job. I’ll likely be travelling to Europe next year as well.

#4. Go to a professional Detroit sporting event outside of Michigan: In the slightly nearer future (August), Troy and I are going to Pittsburgh to visit some friends and catch a Tiger’s game at PNC Park. This would have been checked off sooner, but the spring training game we had planned to see in Florida earlier in the year got rained out.

#18. Build a house (not personally, but one for us to live in): It’s happening!

More to come soon!


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