30-by-30: go to a Michigan football game outside of Michigan

Anyone who’s ever told you that holding a full-time job, taking 7 ½ graduate school credits, and planning a wedding, all at the same time, isn’t tough to do… They were lying. So please forgive me as this blog continues to get brushed to the side, only to be updated when something monumental occurs.

Maybe this isn’t monumental, but it is a good excuse to blog. I checked off one of my 30-by-30 items!

#3, go to a Michigan football game outside of Michigan

Over Labor Day weekend, Troy and I made the trek down to Texas to watch Michigan take on Alabama in the Cowboys Classic. For anyone who cares anything about Michigan football, you understand why I’m not going to say another word about this game.

Luckily, there were lots of other amazing things about this trip.

We stopped in a lot of cities, including overnights in Nashville, Memphis, and Indianapolis. We saw over 2,500 miles of the countryside. We even ran into some of our neighbors in Nashville… Neighbors that we had never met before, that happened to be making a similar road trip, that wound up in the same honky tonk as us, with whom we just happened to strike up conversation with, and figured out we live 3 blocks from each other. Random!

Nashville at night.

Speaking of Nashville, I want to live there. I got to wear cowboy boots for nearly 24 hours straight. And the country music was ridiculous. So many talented artists just working for tips. I’m doing everything in my power to get back to Nashville ASAP.

And did I mention the FOOD?!

Amazing. All of it. Yelp and I really did a good job of finding some shady yet amazing roadside eats.

Troy and I travel really well together. I think this is probably a really important element in a relationship between two people that love to travel. This time, I did most of the planning (where we were staying, where we were stopping, timeline, itinerary, etc), which meant Troy didn’t have many decisions to make, which was fine by him. We both didn’t mind going to bed late, getting up early, and hitting the road before the sun rose. I love road trips, and I hope that we can continue to take family trips like these with our children someday.

If you hadn’t guessed from the opening line of this post, another large milestone is on the horizon (#6, finish my master’s). I graduate in April, but I hope to post more between now and then. And if you can’t find me here, be sure to check on the wedding website, troyandmariaswedding.com for all the wedding-related details I won’t be sharing here.



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