Juicing Journey: Day 2 Update

In case you missed it, I’m doing a juice cleanse! Here’s Day 2…

9:00AM: woke up and had a cup of tea while Fiancé scrambled around to leave for his work trip. I’m not glad that he’s leaving, but at least there won’t be anyone around our place cooking delicious smelling food. Not feeling so hot today – a kind of hungover feeling, sore throat, dry mouth, headache.

10:00AM: after dropping Fiancé off at the airport, headed home for my first green juice of the day. Glad I made it the day before, because I was in definite need of nourishment.

10:30AM: thought I would come home and fall asleep, but the house was a mess, so I spent some time cleaning. For the past few days I’ve had counters full of produce that wouldn’t fit in the fridge, and it was starting to smell…

12:00PM: PAM juice time is my favorite time. If I ever juice again, PAM juice will be at the top of my list, probably because it tastes the most like what I used to consider ‘juice’.

12:30PM: D and I have been commiserating over text. Neither one of us are very happy at this point. My day of relaxing on the couch turns quickly turns unbearably boring as there is nothing on TV except reality shows.

1:30PM: time to do the last of my juicing. Prepped and juiced 3 green juices to finish out the cleanse. I am so glad to be done with this little machine for a while.

2:00PM: mix some tea with the spicy lemonade. The taste is not so bad, but the burning in my throat is horrible.

2:30PM: still horizontal on the couch. Decide I need a distraction and buy a movie on-demand – 21 Jump Street. Not too bad. Does its job to distract me for 90 minutes.

4:00PM: hold nose and finish the horrible-tasting CAB juice after doctoring it up with some leftover lemonade. D informs me that hers is much more palatable after peeling beets. People, peel your beets. Blech.

5:00PM: still not interested in any of the wedding or house hunting shows on my DVR. Find a horrible Kristen Bell movie and watch it in entirety.

6:00PM: realize I’m not really focusing unless the characters are eating food.

8:00PM: cashew milk not as yummy as last night. Bummer – this is really getting old.

8:30PM: finally decide I’m enough of a mess to warrant a shower. Standing for 20 minutes is the most difficult thing I’ve done today.

9:00PM: watch a markedly terrifying episode of True Blood. Scripted TV succeeds in distracting me, but I do find myself sympathetic of hungry vampires… They can’t eat solids, either.

10:30PM: call it a night and think I’ll fall asleep immediately. No such luck. Feels like I wake up about 20 times during the night. Not a good sign of things to come on Day 3…

One more day to go… cheers to that.


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