Juicing Journey: Day 1 Update

In case you missed it, I’m doing a juice cleanse! Here’s how Day 1 played out…

10:30AM: I woke up late so I was already way off schedule, but I wasn’t too concerned. I juiced the majority of my drinks the night before, but needed to juice my first green juice of the day. I had some tea while I was juicing, which helped with the slight hunger while I juiced.

11:00AM: after letting it chill, I enjoyed my first green juice of the day. I had been craving it since my test run last weekend, so it went down pretty quick. Fiancé and I were ready to leave the house at this point to run errands, so I packed up a couple bottles of water and my morning PAM juice to take on the road.

11:30AM: while Fiancé got his hair cut, I got my nails done. I wasn’t able to drink my water during the manicure, which was probably a good thing because I really had to pee by the end of it (and yeah, definitely ruined my nails within 5 minutes. Awesome).

12:30PM: Fiancé took me to get my engagement ring cleaned, and then I got to try the PAM juice for the first time. It was so good, definitely my favorite of the juices I had tasted. Due to some juicing malfunctions, however, it was also the smallest.

2:00PM: we went to the mall to buy some clothes for fiancé’s business trip the next day. I used the bathroom on the way in and on the way out — whew, I was going so much! The worst part about the mall was the smells: cookies at Mrs. Field’s, greasy pretzels from Pretzel Time… Even the smells from Bath & Body works made my mouth water!

2:30PM: I only brought one juice with me and errands took a little longer than I thought. Running further behind schedule, but I was glad I brought the extra water to feel full.

3:30PM: finally got home. Since I was so off schedule already and not wanting to waste time juicing, I skipped the green juice to the spicy lemonade. Even with some extra agave, it was incredibly sour! D felt similarly (I’d been texting her all day — cleansers gotta stick together!) and had the idea to mix the lemonade with tea (which we are allowed in unlimited quantities) to make an Arnold Palmer. I will definitely be using that trick tomorrow!

4:00PM: I made two green juices (one for today and one for tomorrow morning). It’s quite time consuming, washing, peeling, and juicing all the veggies. I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the couch.

5:30PM: green juice time. Took a little more effort to suck this one down. The taste is just so bland.

6:00PM: fiancé makes himself dinner. I told him to make something that wouldn’t make me want to tackle him for, so he made steak and potatoes. It didn’t matter that I don’t eat red meat — the smell of cooking garlic made me cry a little inside.

7:30PM: time for the purple CAB juice. Not gonna lie, it was incredibly disgusting. It was like drinking sugary mud. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a beet before today, but I will make a point to steer clear. Yuck. I held my nose and tossed it back. I made some tea directly after to get the taste out of my mouth.

8:30PM: we left the house to go to a movie with some friends. I packed my cashew milk and a bottle of water to take with me. I wasn’t feeling hungry, so I left the milk in a cooler in the car for afterwards. I took my bottle of water, but tried not to drink too much — I really didn’t want to be running in and out of the movie theater, because it was too crowded for me to have a seat on the aisle.

11:30PM: movie let out, and I didn’t realize how much I had to pee until I stood up. The lines at the bathrooms were enormous, so I decided I could hold it. When we finally got home, I nearly peed my pants. Not going to risk that again. Once I was able to use the bathroom, I grabbed my cashew milk out of the cooler. It tasted great, and the slight grittiness was actually a nice change — even a little texture was welcome at this point!

12:00AM: we stopped by the park near our house to catch the end of the summer picnic and hang out with some of our neighbors. My juice cleanse seemed to appall most.

1:30AM: finally went to bed after some more water. I was surprised at how good I still felt. The biggest thing I missed about eating normal food was the variety and the savory — no sodium at all in this diet. I fell asleep and dreamed of cheeseburgers and burritos (not really, but it wouldn’t have surprised me).

Here’s to hoping Day 2 is equally as successful.



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