Juicing Journey: Part 1

Beginning tomorrow, I, along with bestest of friends, D, am embarking on a detox journey. Tomorrow marks the first day of my juice cleanse! I have been wanting to do a cleanse for a while. I have read up on a few different “boxed” juice cleanses, but always balked at the price. When I actually sat down to do some additional research on the benefits of juicing and juice cleanses, I found that some experienced juicers have been able to crack the code on one popular to-remain-unnamed-by-this-gal juice cleanse. Gathering information both from the hack site and the website of the company that produces and sells the cleanse, D and I were able to formulate our own version of the juice cleanse for a fraction of what you would pay for the trendy one.

Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing our cleanse with you, providing recipes, tips, and probably at least one mental breakdown (“I just want a cheeseburger!!!”).

Look for more updates soon. I’ll be the one with the juice.




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