February Photo-A-Day Challenge

Who’s ready for another attempt for me to try and regularly post on my blog with some cockamamie (yes, that word was in my spell check dictionary) challenge to think about/write about/do something every day for a month?

Introducing the Photo-a-Day Challenge, brought to you by Fat Mum Slim.

Here’s the deal:

Take a photo. Every day. Here are the prompts:

Why is this different than other attempts at regular posts? This is relatively easy. I can snap and upload with my iPhone. Most of all, I have already pre-made the posts, complete with prompts, that are set to upload with or without pictures, so you can even see how much of a slacker (or an all-star!) I am come Sunday (which is when I will be posting the photos from the previous week).

So here we go. Join me, won’t you? We can achieve slacker-or-all-star status together.

Cheers, and happy snapping!


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