Weekly Wish List Recap

I’m going to preface this post by saying that this week was a rough one for me. I am struggling with anxiety and trying to figure out why I just don’t feel like myself lately. Couple that with questions about my financial, employment, and relationship (in a good way) futures, and I have been a hot mess.

So let’s see where we stand on the wishes. If you’ll recall, I wished…

  1. …to figure out when I am going to start my new job. This did happen this week! I will be in my old job for another week, then I will be at my old job in the mornings and new job in the afternoons for a week. On February 14 (aw, Valentine’s Day), I’ll be 100% transitioned to my new job. I will also be spending the day on Monday starting to get oriented in my new position. This, too, has been a cause of anxiety, as the level of communication my new boss works at seems…questionable. But I am trying to just hope for the best!
  2. …to start a much-anticipated journey to explore my faith.  This has also been both an accomplishment and the cause of massive unease. I am very excited to be attending not one but two services this weekend at potential churches we are interested in learning more about. My anxiety-riddled self, of course, doesn’t allow me to just enjoy this – oh, no. I’ve spent the week “preparing” by listening to the services of weeks past and exploring the pre-marital sections of the church websites. My poor mother told me she was sorry she “failed” me when it came to this stuff. It’s ok, mom. God forgives. At least that’s what I hear.
  3. …to spend some quality time with my passions. Epic fail. No new literary additions to my nightstand. I had force myself to finish my grad school blog and ended up submitting it 12 days late. Writing this post right now? Not even that fun. What is wrong with me? Perhaps I need some good inspiration. Will start looking for that now…

In other accomplishment news, I wanted to mention that I managed to style my hair differently every day this week. I’m pretty darn proud of that. Maybe that’s where all my creativity is going.

Finally, I am pretty proud to report that, despite the deceptive antics of both the Fed-Ex and USPS entities, I am rocking these beauties today.

Giddyup! (That’s Cowboy talk for ‘Cheers!’)


PS 4 posts this week?! Ch-yeah!



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