Walking a Fine [Fashion] Line

The country club Boyfriend works at held their annual staff holiday party this past weekend. Because this is the first holiday season Boyfriend has worked for the club, it was our first staff party and the first time I would be meeting the 100+ people Boyfriend works for and with, and the people that work for him.

I was nervous. For weeks I stressed about what I would wear. I had Boyfriend ask the girls he worked with how dressy the event would be: I was told that some people go ‘all out’ but that there was not a set dress code. The dinner was being held at a very nice boutique hotel and restaurant in town. Because it was a holiday party (a first-impression holiday party, no less), I obviously wanted to look my best. And let’s face it, I wanted to make sure all the women that worked with him knew what a babe he comes home to every night.

I had my eye on a sparkly little number from Express (their window displays are magical) that I thought was the quintessential holiday dress, and when I saw a big fat 50% off sticker on it a few days before Christmas, I snatched it up. It hung in my closet, waiting for its debut at the club’s holiday party in January.

The night of the party I was running late, and the last thing I did before walking out the door was throw on this dress. Low and behold the dress barely covered my boobs. Here is a picture of the dress on a girl who has an A-cup:

I took this picture of myself wearing the dress the day I bought it (please ignore the socks and the fact that I, unlike the model above, am not a size 0):

Neither of these pictures is overly explicit. Yes, the dress is low cut, but I knew I would also have a shrug over it, so I figured it would not be too bad.

For whatever reason, my cleavage was out of control the night of the party. Maybe it was because it was nearing “that time of the month”. Maybe it was because my only strapless bra is a C cup and I am a full D now. Whatever the reason, the girls were not at all interested in staying put that night. Even with double-sided tape, I was still having major issues.

I don’t have a picture of the dress from the night of the party, probably because I was too busy pulling my dress up and my shrug closed, maneuvering my drink in front of my cleavage for use as a distraction, and asking Boyfriend if he thought I was overdressed. Because there were only about 5 people out of the 110 that were in cocktail attire. Lots of pants. Even some jeans. I think I may have seen a denim shirt.

Regardless of what everyone else was wearing, my own Boob-Gate was causing me much anxiety. Boyfriend didn’t seem to mind (along with most of the males I spoke with, and even the lesbian that told me how hot I looked), but I still couldn’t help but feel that I wished I had dressed more conservatively, especially because I met many of the people that Boyfriend supervises, and I just felt…kind of slutty.

Lessons learned: dress for the audience, not the celebration. If I would have thought “work function” instead of “holiday party,” I think I would have chose very differently. Additionally, it is very, VERY important to try on an outfit (the complete outfit) more than 5 minutes before it is necessary to leave the house.

Also? Every girl should own double-sided fashion tape (not from the office supply store!). It is a must for emergencies. Go pick some up if you don’t have some in your arsenal.



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