Radvent Day 14: Pride

This is gonna be quick, because I am just up for a gasp of air between making flashcards and writing a paper…

What are your favorite things about your city?
Why do you live where you live?
If someone was considering moving to your town, what would you tell them?

I love the neighborhood we live in (not necessarily the city, but trying to stay positive…) mostly because of the people. Some of our best friends live in our neighborhood, and it is amazing to have a shared community with these great people.

I do love the location because it is halfway between two major cities (Ann Arbor and Detroit), which, at the time we bought our condo, was important due to job searches (and now we both work in Ann Arbor – imagine that). Boyfriend won’t even talk about moving further away from either city, so I guess we are stuck here for a while!

I brag about my neighborhood all the time – and most of the time I cite the amazing people and great location as the reason why they should move here. I would, however, caution them on the quality of construction in our neighborhood (get a proper inspection, people!), the lack of decent, non-chain restaurants in the immediate vicinity, and the mass amounts of trick-or-treaters that lay siege on October 31. There, that’s how I get in my pessimism for this post.

Gotta get back to work.

Cherry Hill cheers.


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