Radvent Day 13: Performing

How do you perform every day? And how can you make that performance more fulfilling?

I have read this prompt multiple times, and I am really having trouble with the term “perform”. To me, a performance is artistic and beautiful, but not necessarily real. I don’t believe I am “performing” when I am at my job or when I am hanging out with Boyfriend – it makes it sound so disingenuous. And judging one’s performance seems so harsh – my review isn’t until the fall, so I’m not really interested in any additional evaluation.

Sorry, Princess – I’m just not feeling the prompt today. And that’s as genuine as it gets.

In other news, I am stressed beyond belief. I have an exam on Friday and a paper, also due on Friday, neither of which I am remotely prepared for. I have a big work project that I kind of started, but I keep hitting snags and it seems like everyone is asking me to do just a little bit more this week (seriously, why this week?!?).

Luckily, I have my last late class tonight, during which I will turn in my final paper and two dozen mini gingerbread cupcakes (cupcakes pertain more to the potluck we are having in class, and less to my final grade – unless…). The cupcakes for the potluck next Tuesday are made (and frozen) and just waiting to be frosted. Friday after my final I have a holiday party with Fabulous Neighbors. Boyfriend has the day off on Saturday and we will have a fun-filled day together of Christmas shopping (shh, he doesn’t know about that one yet). My dad wants to go shopping next week, and it will be the final mad dash towards the holidays, because Christmas is in just 12 days.

And then.

It will all be over.

And I’ll have an entire week paid time off.

And I can’t frikken wait.

Cheers to that.


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