Radvent Day 12: Creativity

What do you need to do to free yourself creatively?

It’s a little ironic that this is the Radvent prompt today, because it is almost the exact topic of the final paper that I finished yesterday.

Creatively, my outlets include writing, photography, and baking. So I have set goals for myself for the new year (some of these also appear in my 30-by-30. I must really want to do those).

Writing: get at least 2 pieces published; update blog way regularly

Photography: take a photograph worthy of printing and hanging or giving as a gift

Baking: make some frikken fantastic cupcakes and sell them, perhaps at the farmer’s market

I also want to take a class/continuing ed course about one or all of these subjects, to better myself and become more well-rounded in my mad skillz.

So what is stopping me? Fear, I suppose. Fear that I will fail. A lack of confidence that I should pursue any of these things, even as a hobby. So maybe my true goal should be working to find that confidence.

Sorry today is short, but I have had one helluva Monday. Between the Radvent and finals, I don’t know if I have ever written this much, but I am really enjoying it.

Also, here is a “graphic representation” (aka half-assed chart) of my goals that I included in my paper. It’s so totally lame, but I kind of love it.



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