Radvent Day 10: Writing

“Do you have a diary or a journal from years past?” The older the better. Crack that sucker open and relive the anguish, torment, joy, feel the emotions, and channel those memories onto a new blank page.

I probably started about 50 journals from the time I could hold a pen through my undergrad. The longest journal I ever kept lasted from freshman through sophomore years in high school. Sadly that Word doc is long gone, which is probably for the best as it was mostly comprised of grandiose ideas of love attempting to be applied to teenage boys who likely weren’t even giving me the time of day.

No, I don’t really have any desire to relive past journals, even if they were available to me. I do, however, have some thoughts on the bonus prompt: “Do you write without rules?”

I used to. Oh man, did I used to. I used to think there was no point in keeping a journal unless I wrote in it every day, but my life wasn’t exciting enough for that. So I vowed to only write about the exciting stuff, but I would inevitably forget to do even that.

When I started blogging I tried to model my blog off of others’, whose blog posts were plentiful and full of recipes and tips and insight and beautiful photography. Then I realized these people were getting paid to do this for a living and there was no way I could keep up with a full-time blogger.

You can kind of see this transformation in past entries on P&P. But this Radvent is a perfect example, I think, of writing without rules, and it is the closest thing I have kept to a journal in a long time. And, consequently, it’s the first time that I don’t really care how many hits I get or who is linking back to me, because I’m enjoying it.

Screw the rules. Here’s a picture of a turtle.




One thought on “Radvent Day 10: Writing

  1. I’m loving your Radvent posts – these are fun! And I’m with you – I’ve started a million journals in my life but never connected to journaling until I started blogging. I, too, wanted a blog like the professional bloggers until I remembered I already have a full time job that pays way better than blogging ever will for me! And my photography is terrible and will likely not be getting better anytime soon! So I record whatever is going on in my life (crappy photos and all!) when I have the time to record it and find a lot of enjoyment in doing so!

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