Radvent: An Introduction and Day 8, Because I am Behind the Times

I’m a little more than a week from being done with the semester. I have a presentation tomorrow, a 10-page paper due Thursday, and a 3-page paper and an exam on Friday. I have a blog post for the graduate school blog due on Thursday and a work project due next week. Oh, and I have two dozen cookies to frost tonight, and two batches of mini cupcakes to bake for holiday potlucks happening this and next Tuesday. Did I mention I have not even started my Christmas shopping?

So what am I doing here? Honestly I can’t seem to find the motivation to write my final for my business class, so I am hoping this will be kind of a warm up…

Browsing blogs today I came across Princess Lasertron and her Radvent Blog Journaling Project. (Thanks, Rachel… I think). The Project, in a nutshell, is a prompt from Princess Lasertron (bad ass pseudonym) each day in December, for you to blog or journal about, in order to look back on and celebrate the past year. Even though I don’t really have the time, I freaking love this idea. I wish I had seen it before the first, so I could have kept up with all of the days. But here we are on the 8th, and I guess starting late is better than never starting at all.

I’m going to really try and keep up with this for the next 23 days. Some posts will be longer than others; some will contain pictures and links, and some (most, probably) won’t. But I need to be writing, and who better to prompt me than Princess Lasertron?

Ok, here we go.

Radvent Day 8: Comfort – write down two things outside of your comfort zone that you’d really like to try. What are some of your most boring comfort zones? How do you challenge and question them?

#1: Trying something new by myself. One of the most comforting things to me is having people around that know me and will love me regardless of how silly I look/act, no matter what kinds of ridiculous things I blurt out, people that I can truly be myself with. So it makes me extremely uncomfortable to think about attempting something new, especially something I am apprehensive about doing in the first place, by myself, without at least one member of my fan club. More specifically, I have been justifying not signing up for an exercise class because I can’t find anyone to go with me. My fear:

(and yes, it took me no less than 45 minutes to find this on Pinterest. Procrastination at its finest.)

But seriously? I am trying to better myself through exercise. There is bound to be someone in that class that is far less coordinated and far more self-conscious than I am. I really shouldn’t stress over this as much as I do. Most of the time, when I worry about how I appear to others, they are people I will likely never see again in my life (i.e. dancing like a maniac in my car – and most people are probably just thinking, “Wow, I wish I was having that much fun right now.”)

Verdict: just do it!

#2: Give a speech/presentation without totally spazzing out. Public speaking is the number one fear of Americans, and I am no exception. Unless under the influence of something awesome, I am normally a nervous wreck before, during, and after a public appearance. I am much more content sitting idly by, passively participating with the occasional agreeing nod or furrowed concentration brow. But I so badly want to be a better public speaker, so much so that I have seriously considered elocution classes and/or joining some sort of support group. As I mentioned, I have a presentation tomorrow. I really want to do great. So I guess I should just picture everyone in their underwear? Awkward.

Better yet: I know I know the material. I know no one will be judging me as harshly as I am judging myself. I know I have cookies to bribe the audience into liking me.

Verdict: if all else fails, cookies.

I’m going to have to think a little more on the last two parts (time is limited this afternoon, and I spent the majority of it looking for that stupid Zumba picture), but I will definitely be back tomorrow with Day 9’s Radvent.



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