Eastern Market and Recipe for Throw-Together Fancy Mac and Cheese

Update: For those of you following along, that whole positive thinking thing totally did not work out for me. F**k it. I’m back to my old pessimistic self. Moving on…

Last weekend Boyfriend and I went to Eastern Market in downtown Detroit with Fabulous Neighbors. These pictures were totally scammed from Fabulous Neighbor Lady’s Facebook page since I am terrible about taking any pictures, ever. Hope she doesn’t mind.

1] “If the mums aren’t advertised as ‘hardy,’ should you question their resilience?”
2] Ceiling of one of the sheds.
3] Fungus and ‘naners.
4] BBQ pit, next to the outdoor karaoke party.
5] Meat market. We bought a duck.
6] I look like I am about to lay an egg in this picture – I assure you I am not.

One of my favorite parts of the market is the cheese counter at R. Hirt Jr. Co.

See the big blocks of cheese at the end of the counter? Fantastic.

While we were standing in line flipping through the cheese menu, one of the employees brought out a tray of herbed havarti cheese. Major. I think I ate about a pound while we waited, and I insisted Boyfriend buy me another pound to take home, in addition to the pound and a half of sharp cheddars he was already planning on buying.

Fast forward. Sunday night. Home alone. Nothing in the kitchen except dry goods and an excess of fabu cheeses.

Hello, macaroni!

This is my “recipe” for pretty darn good mac and cheese, if you recently visited your local cheese monger and are at a loss for what to do with all the cheese you purchased. Some may say that it is a waste to use such good cheese in such a simple recipe. I say kiss my egg-laying bottom.

Throw-Together Fancy Mac and Cheese

Pasta, about 2 cups dry
An assortment of cheese, shredded, about a cup
Milk, about ½ cup
Salt and pepper to taste

  1. Cook the pasta as directed on the package
  2. Meanwhile, heat the milk in a small saucepan; add the cheese and heat until melty; add salt to bring out the fabu taste of the cheese
  3. Once pasta is done, drain; add cheese sauce
  4. Add pepper and more salt, if needed
  5. Pretend you are an amazing chef and rave about your latest creation to all of your cheese mongering friends



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