See It, Do It

I’ve been wavering on how to write this post, mostly because I have been through a gamut of emotions when it comes to the subject of my job search. Upbeat or depressed? Optimistic or pessimistic? Letdown or looking up?

Then I did some reading. Specifically, an article entitled “150 Ways to Encourage the Heart” from Encouraging the Heart: A Leader’s Guide to Rewarding and Recognizing Others. No, I am not one of those people that reads management books for fun… This was assigned as reading for a class I am taking in my master’s program. But the reading, and really the class in general, has given me some insight on the power I have to create my perfect work environment (even while I search for a new job), as well as use visualization to see myself in something better.

Furthering this trend, I’m also reading (or, attempting to read in my scarce spare time) The Happiness Project. I am really trying to utilize the author’s “no dumping” policy, not only with my family and friends, but with my blog as well. As the book explains, no one wants to deal with their problems and listen to someone else’s as well. So instead of complaining, I’m asking for advice, as positively as I can. And instead of a pessimistic post, I’m going to try a positive visualization.

I will totally rock the phone interview I have scheduled tomorrow. I’ll be clear and concise, have great answers to all of the interview questions, and feel very positive afterwards. The interviewer will be impressed with my skill set and my experiences within the organization.

I will get an in-person interview. I’ll go to the office and speak with important people. They will be excited about the prospect of having me work for them, and later remark on what a great asset I would be to their department. One will also compliment my great wardrobe choices.

I will feel confident, be myself, impress and wow.

I will not worry about the other candidates, because I will be the best and obvious choice.

I will get a call, after a few days and a lot of nervousness, offering me the job of my dreams!

Now I just have to concentrate on staying positive, confident, and relaxed.

Have you experienced the power of visualization? Do you think it’s a load of crap?



2 thoughts on “See It, Do It

  1. So, your positive visualization is working. Fingers crossed your interview process continues to go well.

    I think I live between believing in the power of positive thought and sometimes thinking it’s crap! I like motivational things though.

    Like this one:

    • Oh yes, I really like this. I agree, sometimes I think it’s crap, too, but at this point, I need all the help I can get!

      Hope to have an update for you soon…. 🙂

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