Labor Day Weekend in Review and This Week’s Wish List

Over the weekend…

…I sat in a stadium with this view and watched the season-opener for my alma mater…

…during which the biggest raindrops I have ever seen started falling from the sky, resulting in two very damp (but still very spirited) ladies…

…and I was so full of school spirit I threw together this spirit wreath to hang on our door, just to ensure there is no confusion as to where our alliances lie…

…and some of the spirit got on the puppy.

This week, albeit shortened, I am crazy-busy with work, school, life. I am normally a very organized and prepared person, but something about these first few semesters of grad school have left me with my head spinning. There is always a book I forgot to order, a piece of the syllabus I skipped over, a classroom relocation I wasn’t aware of… Maybe it is my “old” age. Maybe it is because I am no longer a full-time student and my life is full of distractions not relating to classes. Maybe so much of this is old hat I just don’t pay attention to details any more…

At any rate, for whatever the reasons why, I am going to use one all-encompassing wish for this first week of September:

Get through it. Sometimes the most important thing to remember is to breath.

For those of you who are going back to school (students or teachers) or those with kids/spouses/family that are going back to school…are you, too, having a “just get through it” kind of week? Does anyone else ever feel like the long weekend sometimes makes the following week seem more hectic?



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